February 11, 2013

North Korea 'Nuke Test' Or Earthquake?

Yonhap News is reporting a magnitude 5.1 'artificial' earthquake in DPRK. USGS detected M4.9 seismic activity ENE of Sungibaegan, North Korea

h/t Steve Herman of @W7VOA

KMA: M5.0 tremor at 11:57:50 a.m. had epicenter located in country where #DPRK's Punggye-ri nuclear test complex is located. #nuclear

#ROK media: ROK-US Combined Forces raise alert status to WATCHCON. #Korea

South Korea's Yonhap news agency saying #DPRK notified #US and #China of test yesterday, meanwhile ROK military placed on alert

#Japan gov't confirms seismic activity detected in #DPRK just before noon and attempting to verify it caused by a nuclear device

NHK: #Japan PM Abe to convene at his office emergency meeting at 12:45 JST re possible #DPRK nuclear test

#ROK media quoting gov't officials in Seoul saying "high possibility" #DPRK conducted #nuclear test just before noon

How rude of Kim Jong Unhung to do this the night before Bronco Bama's SOTU address. Now the speech writers gotta think up something or something about sanctions and stuff.

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