February 08, 2013

Abu Mansoor al-Amriki So Ronery

Omar Hamammi is so lonely, he spends most if his time hanging with J.M. Berger of Intelwire on twitter. We're not sure if that says anything about Berger's fascination with Godzilla but here.

AFP: Once his reputation was of a feared fighter, an American-born extremist who left small town Alabama to wage war alongside Al-Qaeda-linked Somali Islamists and who called on other foreigners to join. Today, Omar Hamami -- better known as Abu Mansoor al-Amriki or "the American" -- has split from the insurgents, who want to kill him. He cuts a forlorn figure: homesick, stuck somewhere in Somalia, and telling anyone who will listen about his apparently doomed career path.
Doomed! Doomed I say!

Here Omar. Hope this helps.

Update: AFP took down their post, it was apparently from this Huffpo piece.

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