February 07, 2013

Yes, We Should Kill American al Qaeda

A great piece over at NRO the other day from David French echoing my own thoughts on why we can, and should, continue to kill members of al Qaeda. The fact that they are American citizens is secondary to the fact that they are members of a group openly at war with the US:

If all this sounds harsh, or “chilling,” or scary, that’s because it is. War is hell. And there is no constitutional doctrine that exempts American citizens from that hell when they choose to wage war against their own country. Any other legal doctrine will create yet another perverse terrorist incentive: Can an American terrorist now be a unique human shield to prevent direct attack? An American al-Qaeda member would suddenly become the most deadly and dangerous of terrorists — enjoying unique legal protections not enjoyed by, say, Americans who wore German uniforms in World War II.
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Please also read my post on the subject if you haven't already. There is a lot of disinformation coming out about the program, and I think it clears a few things up. The foremost being that the memo does not authorize, as some are claiming, the use of drones against US citizens anywhere and for any cause.

Hat tip: Hot Air's headline thing

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