February 07, 2013

CNN Vigorously Disseminating CAIR Talking Points

An interesting CNN interview with Pam Geller from Atlas Shrugs. The clip was posted by Geller to show what CNN cut from the interview, which is significant. Everything after the 9 minute mark was cut from the aired segment.

But I found most interesting is what wasn't cut. If you listen, notice CNN's Erin Burnette forcefully injects CAIR Unindicted Co-Conspirator talking points about Islam. She insists Islam is a peaceful religion in which a very small minority of fanatics have misunderstood. She states, as though a fact, the term "jihad" means an inner struggle to better one's self. And she refuses to even call the brutal beheaders of Daniel Pearl "savages."

If this is the media's vision of Islamic jihad, it's no wonder they fight so desperately to defend radical Islamic terrorists.

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