February 07, 2013

Out: Blue Angels
In: Pregnancy Training for ... Men

I'll just go ahead and post this email from Johnny since I'm not sure how to put it any better:

Rusty, In case you haven't heard, we may trade in the magnificent and historic Blue Angels for food stamps. FYI I looked.

The annual budget for the entire Blue Angels program's 30 air shows is $20M dollars. Are you telling me no one in Congress on any side acted to protect the Blue Angels from sequestration for $20M? It's why I'm an Independent, bro. Who do you trust right now in government knowing this? How much did they spend on this insanity, Doctor? More, I'll bet. A lot more.

It's a sad day when we get rid of the pride of the Air Force Navy just so we can keep paying some deadbeat to sit on their asses all day.

UPDATE: Oops, my apologies to the Navy. I've actually never seen the Blue Angels perform. My bad.

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