February 05, 2013

Calling 911

Several Miami-Dade police officers were caught ignoring 911 calls:

Officer Socarras, Officer Jose Huerta and their Sergeant Jennifer Gonzalez were videotaped drinking coffee at a Casa Larios when an emergency call came in with an alert about an unconscious 5-month-old, police said in investigation records obtained by NBC 6.

Socarras was dispatched to the scene and despite being with his sergeant, he continued drinking his coffee. Nine minutes later he was cleared from the call, according to police.

If they ignore a call about an injured child, what other calls might they ignore?

(Un)Related: A pro-gun control Politico columnist believes there is no excuse to have a weapon in the house. Arguing against guns in homes, he writes:

"...the safest thing to do is to call 911."

Yeah, right.

UPDATE: Moshe reminded me - Chicago police have announced they will no longer immediately respond to certain 911 calls.

UPDATE II: Mark mentions this book, Dial 911 And Die. below the fold is a short video commentary about the book.

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