February 04, 2013

People Begging for a Good Ass Kicking!


Remember the hero Chris Kyle who was murdered over the weekend? You may recall that when he caught Jesse Ventura dishing out his 9/11-was-an-inside-job-false-flag-operation bullshit at a bar, Kyle responded by giving the former pro-wrestler a fist in the mouth.

Because kicking a guy's ass sometimes is the right response.

So, if you meet any of these people who responded to Kyle's death with shouts of glee, you might want to remember Kyle's example.

And if the local DA takes umbrage, just remember the "fighting words" defense. Some words are so vile that simply saying them are cause enough for violence. IMHO, laughing at the death of a true American hero rises to that level.

Update (Vinnie) Who needs a good ass kicking? Ron Paul, that's who.

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