February 04, 2013

Red on Red in Philippines: MILF Attacks Abu Sayyaf

When MILFs attack, everyone wins!

A Muslim rebel group said Monday it attacked Abu Sayyaf gunmen after the al-Qaida-linked militants refused to free hostages, sparking fierce jungle clashes that left up to 22 combatants dead in the southern Philippines.

There was no word on whether the hostages were hurt in the fighting, but they remained in the grip of the Abu Sayyaf militants, police said.

Rebel commander Khabir Malik of the Moro National Liberation Front [MILF], which has an autonomy deal with the government, said his group decided to attack the Abu Sayyaf in the rugged mountains of Patikul town in southern Sulu province after negotiations collapsed on the release of several of its foreign hostages, including a Jordanian TV journalist and two European men who have been held since last year.

I'm always encouraged when our proxies fight the bad guys. But when we can get other bad guys to go after the bad guys? It's win-win. Worst case scenario: a bad guy is going to get killed.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:53 AM | Comments |