February 03, 2013

Chicago Tribune Warns Against Bayonet Spear/Grenade-Launching Rifle Slings

Editors worry about the dreaded and dangerous Bayonet Spear/Grenade Launching Sling:

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Ironically, the article was to educate readers about "assault" rifles. It was in the printed edition, so, naturally, the Chicago Tribune decided to issue a correction online.

It's no wonder liberals are so frightened of these assault style weapons. In their paranoid mind, these things are the ultimate killing machines, combining knives, mutilating bullets, spears, rockets, grenades, and Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulators all in one rifle.

(Hat Tip: Mr. Conservative)

Also from the great anti-gun ban website of Mr. Conservative, a cartoon gallery you'll love.


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