January 31, 2013

Administration Discovers "New" al Qaeda Problem

New? WTF? We've been talking about al Qaeda 2.0 since?? 2004!!! That would be during Bush's FIRST term. Here we are in Obama's SECOND term and only now his administration is discovering the problem?

Or is it just that the morons over at the Washington Post are just discovering it? Hell, Catherine Herridge over at Fox has been talking about this for years:

The Obama administration is working with its allies to frame a strategy to combat what might be called “al-Qaeda 2.0” — an evolving, morphing terrorist threat that lacks a coherent center but is causing growing trouble in chaotic, poorly governed areas such as Libya, Yemen, Syria and Mali.

U.S. officials liken this new problem to the spread of cancer cells: Al-Qaeda nodes emerge in diffuse places, feeding off local issues and grievances. These cells have only a loose, ideological connection with what remains of the core leadership in Pakistan, but they are stubborn and toxic.

Yes, apparently no one at the WaPo ever heard of al Qaeda in Iraq, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, al Shabaab, the Islamic State of the Caucuses, etc, etc. Groups that have been around for years, some of whom have killed Americans.

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