January 31, 2013

Gun Control, Chicago Style


Imagine what Chicago's murder rate would be without the strictest gun control law in the country! Why, it might be like every other city!

One month into the new year Chicago has already set an ignominious record for homicides.

By late Tuesday, the Chicago Police Department had logged 42 such killings, making this the second consecutive January to top 40 homicides and the most violent first month of the year since 2002. By sheer happenstance, the 42nd victim was a teenage girl who had performed with her high school band at President Obama's inauguration earlier this month. [...]

More recently, city officials are working on initiatives to address guns. Already, gun shops are banned within city limits, and Chicago has in place byzantine restrictions on handgun ownership to try to prevent illegal sales and transport of guns.

The liberal solution? More gun control! But since guns are banned within city limits, the solution they envision is banning weapons outside city limits. The availability of guns outside city limits is the cause, they say. Once they succeed in banning state-wide, they will blame gun related crimes on the availability of weapons in surrounding states.

See where this is going?

Let's not blame the economy or unemployment. Implying Obama is a failure would be RACIST!

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