January 29, 2013

Saudi Court Orders Islamic Scholar To Pay Blood Money For Torturing Child To Death

(Hat Tip: TROP)

In Reliance of the Traveller, a legal reference for Islamic law, it states there should be no retaliation against a parent who kills their own child (page 267). But in this case, the girl's mother wants justice against the father. A Saudi court has ruled the father should pay blood money:

A Saudi court ordered a well-known local scholar to pay diya (blood money) after he was convicted of torturing his five-year old daughter to death. His wife quickly reacted by saying she would appeal to demand her husband's death.

Newspapers in the Gulf Kingdom said the unnamed scholar is still in jail until he pays diya to his wife over the death of his daughter.

The little girl's mother, rightfully so, wants the death penalty for the crime. However, it is unlikely this Muslim scholar will face any other punishment. Blood money is in itself a form of punishment. (Page 269) This means, a father who brutally tortures to death his own child will face little or no consequence under Islamic law.

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