January 29, 2013

The Homosexual Superhumans and the BSA **Bumped**

So, the Boy Scouts of America is contemplating letting openly gay men serve as Scout leaders?

This is the dumbest thing I've heard gay rights advocates push for -- ever.

The idea that a gay man should go camping with a bunch of teenage boys? Yeah, that's insane.

Not because homosexuals are predatory by nature. Not because they are going to lure impressionable youths into the gay lifestyle. Foolishness, all.

Gays aren't any worse than the next man when it comes to normal human impulses. But they certainly aren't any better.

Would you let me take your 14 year old daughter camping? Kind of seems inappropriate.

So, you acknowledge that no matter how decent of a guy I might be, because I am a normal man subject to normal male passions, it's probably not a great idea for me and my buddy -- let's say, Howie -- to take a group of 14 - 15 year old girls on a camp out. Don't forget to bring a pillow for the mandatory pillow fight!

It's creepy.

Yet somehow homosexual men are exempt from normal male passions? Gay men aren't tempted by 14 - 15 year old boys?

To believe this is to believe that gays are better than straights. That gays are, in fact, superhuman.

That's what the idiots who think gays should be allowed to lead Scout troops fundamentally believe.

Yes, it is discriminatory to not let gays lead Scout troops. It's also discriminatory to not let men lead Girl Scout troops.

Some discrimination has a basis in fact, experience, and human nature.

An adult male that is attracted to a teenage girl is not, in fact, a child molester or pedophile. A pedophile is one who is attracted to prepubescent children. And while some Boy Scouts are in their per-adolescent years (Cub Scouts), camping trips are usually limited to older Scouts -- those who are squarely in their teen years.

It is normal for adult males to be attracted to teenage girls. While this attraction may be normal, acting on these attractions certainly isn't since sexual maturity isn't necessarily connected to social maturity, moral maturity, or psychological maturity.

This is why we have statutory rape laws and why even consensual relationships of this type are considered immoral and are therefore illegal.

And it's why we all think it would be creepy if Howie and me took your teenage daughters camping. Because you know that we are human beings subject to normal human passions.

I can't speak for Howie, but I can promise you that your daughters would be safe with me. Double pinkie swear!

Actually, I'm not kidding. Your daughter really would be safe with me. Nevertheless, you wouldn't even consider the offer even if you knew this to be the case because: a) it looks bad; b) even if we never acted on our impulses it creeps you out as to what we might be thinking; c) you wouldn't want to put us into a position where we were even tempted.

Further, I would never make the offer because ... I'm not a retard. Also, what if it turns out that your daughter is a psycho and I have to rebuff her advances? It could happen! Then it's her word against mine as to who acted inappropriately. Neither of us wants to be in that position.

The last time I checked, such a thing as the "gay teenager" actually exists.

For all these reasons it's simply unfathomable that either of us would even consider such a situation. But .... not homosexuals?

In one breath we are told that gays are no different than other men, and in the next we are told that they are better than the rest of us.

I am willing to concede that gay men are no more likely to act inappropriately with teenagers than are straight men. But are you willing to concede that they are not less likely to act inappropriately?

Because if you aren't, then you don't believe in gay equality. You believe in gay superiority and the two of us simply do not live in the same universe.

Obligatory Canteen Boy video below.

Canteen Boy from Mike Jones on Vimeo.

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