January 28, 2013

Snicker: Explosion at Underground Iranian Nuke Facility

To paraphrase some dude in The Hunt for Red October, "Machmood, have you lost another nuclear laboratory?":

Sources in Tel Aviv said yesterday they thought the explosion happened last week. The Israeli government is investigating reports that it led to extensive structural damage and that 200 workers had been trapped inside.

Israel believes the Iranians have not evacuated the surrounding area. It is unclear whether that is because no harmful substances have been released, or because Tehran is trying to avoid sparking panic among residents.

The Fordow plant is buried deep underground inside a mountain near the holy city of Qom. It is thought to be Iran's most heavily fortified facility and is regarded as impervious to Israeli airstrikes. Many of Fordow's 2700 nuclear centrifuges are stored deep below ground in bunkers.

Gremlins: They're everywhere and they're Jooish!

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