January 23, 2013

Livestream: #Clinton Testifies Before The House On #Benghazi Terror Attack

You can watch/listen here

Update: Love fest, again:

lovefest_hillary_benghazi_democrats photo clinton_cspan_benghazi_house_zps880bf6bf.jpg

Update II: Claws come out when the protest over Mohammed video was brought up:

cspan_house_hillary_benghazi photo cspan_hillary_house_benghazi_zps36e6ff8e.jpg

Hillary to Rep Rohrbacher: "I didn't say the video was about Libya, it certainly was about the other places". Rohrbacher continued, saying, “The only people I know who are in jail right now is the filmmaker. Isn’t that disconcerting?”

Update III: Praising Hillary and the budget is the talking point for the dems. Evil rethugllicans wouldn't give her enough money! It's their fault!

Update IV: Hillary goes to her 'notes' during you lie Rep Wilson's awesome questions:

cspan_clinton_wilson_benghazi photo cspan_clinton_wilson_benghazi_zps6bd7eab9.jpg

I will leave my updates at that. The democrats have showered Clinton with praise and blame the budget. The Republicans, so far, have asked Clinton the questions that should be asked.

Headlines in MFM will use the dems talking point - budget. Sadly, Amb Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S Woods are unavailable for comment. They deserve better.

Update V: Yes, I know I said no more updates but this is important. Finally! Rep Marino from Florida held up numerous al-Qaeda flag wavers at protests in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, etc. They were collected for a DoD report and he asked Clinton is she was aware of the pattern the DoD report established that the flag was connected to al Qaeda-affiliated groups.

I have been reporting on those flags throughout the "Arab Spring" and glad to see Rep Marino bring them up. One such image is below, I wonder if he realizes Occupy & Anonymous type groups were also 'represented" at the protest in Cairo on 9/11/2012:

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