January 22, 2013

#Algeria: A Headline Only A Conspiracy Theorist Would Love

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Terror in North Africa: are Westerners pulling the strings?

Canada is today investigating an allegation by the Algerian Prime Minister that one of its citizens co-ordinated the terror raid at the Saharan gas plant in which dozens of hostages were killed.

Westerners, including a man with blond hair and blue eyes, are believed to have been among the Islamist militants who launched last week’s attack on the Tigantourine complex near Algeria’s border with Libya.

A French jihadist, previously unknown to authorities, and two Canadians are suspected to have been involved in the hostage-taking, and reports also claim that a man with a Western accent was among the extremists who lured terrified gas workers from their rooms during the hostage crisis.

Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal told reporters that a man, judged “by his English accent” to have been Canadian, was among the 32 Islamists whose raid on the Algerian refinery prompted a global crisis. One of the Canadians, identified only as “Shaddad”, is alleged to have played a leading role in the attack which left 58 hostages – including 37 Westerners - dead after a four-day battle with Algerian forces. Five further Western workers are still unaccounted for. “A Canadian was among the militants,” Mr Sellal said. “He was co-ordinating the attack.”

Is is any surprise al-Qaeda has recruited Westerners? Our prisons are full of them as we have reported here for years at Jawa. But, the headline/front page makes the conspiracy theorists come out of the woodwork.

To make my case, read this comment:

This comes a couple days after Cameron tells us the war against Al Qaeda is going to last decades but which Al Qaeda is he referring to?

Is this the Al Qaeda financed and controlled by CIA tactician Tim Osman aka Osama Bin Laden?

Or is this the Al Qaeda that we gave money, intelligence and arms in return for them assisting the overthrowing of the Gaddafi regime?

Could this be the same Al Qaeda that we are privately supporting to seed war and dissent in Syria?

Or this tweet:
@SammiWright: @SkyNews of course we are were exploiting them for every resource theyve got!! Its disgustin
The blame on the terrorist attack in In Amenas lies solely with the terrorist be they converts or whatever. Al Qaeda is pulling the strings.

And yes Virginia, there are Westerners who convert to radical Islam.

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