January 21, 2013

Belgian Diaspora?

It looks like Anjem Choudary's band of Muslim bigots from Sharia4Belgium are about to force a Jewish school in Brussels to close.

Times of Israel:

BRUSSELS (JTA) — On the third floor of the Belgian capital’s oldest Jewish school, Jacquy Wajc pauses to listen to the eerie silence that hangs in the hallways.

It’s not only Brussels. Across Europe, Jews have quietly abandoned long-inhabited neighborhoods in central urban areas for remote suburbs.

Unlike in the United States, where the Jewish flight to the suburbs often was part of a larger migration of the affluent from increasingly crime-ridden inner cities, in Europe, the wealthier urban precincts are typically the more central ones. But in a number of cities, neighborhoods once teeming with Jewish life have become no-go zones for Jews — especially if they wear a yarmulke.

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