January 27, 2013

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: My Al Qaeda Flag Is Bigger Than Yours Egypt Edition
Bumped: Fatwas Issued

احتجاجات السلفيين والجهاديين أمام السفارة الفرنسية رفضا للحرب على مالى
No It's Not Akhi

Fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas issued:
The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Kafiroon for:

I only came to France for a "member' enhancement.
The goats all laugh at me. Someone gave me this flag and sign to get me into the bachi bazi club.
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against moe mentum for:
"when the moon god hitsa you eye like a big pizza pie you know his meatballs are next."
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against Spartan for:
(sign reads) Allah be praised, I humped a French goat in protest!
The "mojahedin will separate your dirty head from your dirty heart" fatwa issued against Xenophon for:
To his horror, Achmed realized that the Al-Qaeda flag upside down looked like a bunch of ghey terrorists cornholing each other--and it was intentional.

Googlish below image:

Salafis and jihadists protests in front of the French embassy rejection of the war on Mali

Participated today Friday, January 18, 2013, dozens of Salafis and jihadists in Egypt, in the demonstration in front of the French embassy and called for by the stream of Islam year, which includes 22 Movement and Islamic trend notably movement are firm and the front Salafi stream of new Muslims and Jihad Salafi to denounce what they called the war "crusade" against Muslims in Mali .. The French government has announced since last Friday participation of African Union troops and the government in the fight against financial rebels there who are demanding the work of an Islamic emirate in northern Mali and threaten to overthrow the central government in the financial capital "Bamako" Among the most prominent rebel groups in Mali is the movement of "Ansar al-Din" faction "Iyad Ag Ghali" Movement "Tawhid and Jihad" and al-Qaeda in the north of the Maghreb and the insurgents fleeing from Libya after the fall of Gaddafi .. Next movement "Edit Ozoad" which calls for the work of the State of the Touareg.

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