January 19, 2013

Yes, They Went There

Newsweek_obama photo Twitter_Newsweek_zpsf8e77641.jpg

<Newsweek_broncobama_secondcoming_zps1d8d450a photo Newsweek_broncobama_secondcoming_zps1d8d450a-1_zpsd19391ec.jpg

h/t @twitchy

How creepy can a publication get? Never mind, it's a given.

Update: Actually it's 'digitally produced" so I guess you could call the image a Photoshop. Don't ask me why they called it a 'cover', they are digital only now and ceased publication in December of last year.

But, in case you missed the above!


ICYMI: This week's cover features Barack Obama: "The Second Coming." Now live in the @AppStore! http://nswk.ly/W5ev4n pic.twitter.com/vSFVYcmu
Broncobamabots, hurry and get it before your fellow sheeple get one before you do!

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