January 18, 2013

New Taliban leader in South Waziristan Vows to be Next Target of Drone Strike

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Via Bill Roggio

A Taliban faction in the western half of South Waziristan vowed to avenge the death of its emir, Mullah Nazir, and continue his mission, which includes supporting al Qaeda and conducting attacks in Afghanistan, according to a pamphlet released by the group. Also, the group named its new leaders.

The Mullah Nazir Group distributed the pamphlet in the bazaar in Wana, the main town in the Taliban-controlled tribal agency, according to The Express Tribune, which obtained and translated the Urdu-language document. Nazir, who has professed his allegiance to al Qaeda and sheltered some of the group's top leaders, was killed along with several of his top commanders in a US drone strike on Jan. 3.

"We will avenge the blood of our great emir. The joy of our enemies will not last long. Every drop of his blood will create another Mullah Nazir," the pamphlet stated.[More...]

I swear, they multiply like cockroaches. One is sploded and is quickly replaced by another soon to be droned.

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