January 17, 2013

In Amenas, #Algeria Hostage Crisis: Does This Really Help?

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UK PM on Cover of Friday's British Daily

Hostages, including American/Americans, are still being held by followers of the one eyed bitch.

Now is not the time to lay blame. Terrorist are propagandist and they will eat this shit up.


Update: Besides, three terrorist leaders were sploded in the rescue attempt. One of them is called bucktooth akhi aka Abu Al-Baraa:

So the fate of those still held hostages is prolly a given. The UK doesn't need to give them a reason for the prolly a given. I will hold my thoughts on bronco bama's Al Qaeda is decimated and on the run dhimmi comment until the fate of the hostages is known. Think Benghazi and how well the bronco bama administration reacted...

Ah shit, forget what I said about don't give them a reason. They (the terrorists) don't f'n need a reason to kill the remaining hostages. That's why they are called terrorists! F 'em. and I laugh at the bucktoothed akhi very timely splodin. May he rest in pieces..

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Herein lies buckthooth akhi

I won't hold my breath waiting for bronco bama to be outraged, just sayin.

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