January 17, 2013

Google's Blogger Removes Gates of Vienna, Keeps al Qaeda Sympathizers
Update: They're Back

Defender of the Lands Banner.jpg
The Banner of an al Qaeda Support website hosted by Google

The Gates of Vienna blog has been removed without explanation by Google's blogspot platform. I can't say I agree with these guys on everything, but what could they have possibly done that merited the entire blog being suspended?

Meanwhile, several blogs which openly support al Qaeda have been up and running for years.

UPDATE: It looks like Howie and I had the same thought at about the same time.

Update II by Howie: I've taken my post off the main page. So I'll add this note here to Rusty's post.

Gates of Vienna just emailed me and Blogger is claiming a technical glitch at the moment. Other blogs have been affected. So we'll give it a chance.

But considering mine and other conservative and counter Jihad bloggers own past experience with Google I won't be holding my breath.

UPDATE by Rusty: It looks like they're back up and running. So, the technical difficulty explanation seems .... plausible.

Nevertheless, Google's blogspot service continues to host a number of websites devoted to al Qaeda worship.

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