January 17, 2013

Google Bans Gates of Vienna Blog

I'm pretty sure is because they pointed out that Asian Rape Gangs in the UK tend to be of one particular religious group.

Details here on their Facebook Page.

Don't be evil, um yeah right.


Whereas evil is defined as anything Haram?

You would think, given recent events in Mali, Algeria, Syria etc etc that the liberals would at last realize that Islamic Terrorists are at war against them.

Despite all their efforts at understanding, reaching out, discarding women's rights and generally betraying western civilization in favor of the noble savage narrative that radical Islamists still want separate their dirty Kuffar heads from their filthy infidel bodies.

Well France sort of woke up this week, although its probably too little to late to stop or even blunt the continuing rise of radical political Islam.

Update: Gates of Vienna just emailed me and Blogger is claiming a technical glitch at the moment. Other blogs have been affected. So we'll give it a chance.

But considering mine and other conservative and counter Jihad bloggers own past experience with Google I won't be holding my breath.

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