January 15, 2013

'But mom, guns are bad.'

Dr Wolf: Overheard today at RK Gun show

[.....]As I was leaving the gun show I overheard this exchange between a mother and her young son, perhaps 5 or 6 years old. As they entered the showroom, he could not contain his astonishment upon first seeing the vast collection of firearms:
'But mom, guns are bad.'

'Oh no, guns are not bad. Remember? Your dad uses guns for his Army job.'

This quick exchange spoke volumes and I found it to be quite disturbing. Clearly someone is attempting to indoctrinate this young child in direct contradiction to his parents' beliefs, but who? His government-provided teacher? Government-controlled public access television? His government-coerced pediatrician complying with federal guidelines? Who?

Thomas Sowell recently wrote this outstanding column about the undermining of America, one student at a time: The Role of 'Educators'. They're starting young.

Thank goodness for this young boy's mother. And his father.[More...]

Indoctrination is alive and well in liberal fascists K-12 classrooms.

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