January 15, 2013

Corn Hole Watch: Mohamed Mohamud Excuses Excuses

Mohamed Mohamud probably he knew all along the guys who gave him the bomb were FBI. He just thought it was an inside job.

Oregon: FBI tactics in investigating a Somali-American accused of plotting to blow up a US Christmas tree lighting ceremony took centre stage Monday, as undercover agents began testifying.

Giving evidence in disguise and visible only to jurors, one agent maintained that Mohamed Mohamud was prone to violence from the beginning and spoke of plans to "wage war" on the United States.


"He said he would like to become operational," the agent, who was posing as an Al-Qaeda recruiter named "Youssef", testified.

Mohamud, now 21, faces life in prison for allegedly attempting to detonate a weapon of mass destruction -- a harmless fake supplied by FBI agents -- near the crowded 2010 pre-Christmas ceremony in Portland, Oregon.

If only he had just listened to Samir Khan.
Also testifying in court, the FBI official in charge of the sting operation said authorities were alarmed by Mohamud's previous interactions with Al-Qaeda propagandist Samir Khan.

In 2009, Mohamud wrote four articles for a magazine run by Khan, ranging from workout tips for violent extremists to why Europe would be an ideal place for an attack.

At one point, Special Agent Miltiadis Trousas said that Mohamud wanted to include a photo of the burning towers on 9/11 with a story. Khan said it was too violent.

Note Khan was trying to portray al-Qaeda in the best possible light, he didn't feel it was productive to portray 9/11 as it was and as it was perceived by Khan's followers, as killers. He preferred a kinder gentler AQ narrative.

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