January 14, 2013

France out of Mali! No Blood for Oil!

Yeah, actually I'm all for France's war of choice in Mali. They are fighting Taliban-like, al-Qaeda sympathizing elements in the country. So, killing as many of them as possible is a good thing.

But don't you find it, I don't know, ironical that when France intervenes in the internal affairs of a country that none of the usual suspects come out and protest?
Wall Street Journal

On Friday, France sent fighter jets and special forces across the vast desert north of Mali, reversing an eight-month-long stalemate between the former French colony and the fundamentalist rebels who overran Mali's north last year.

French forces had focused on regaining control of Konna, which had fallen into rebel hands last week. French and Malian officials have described this small town in central Mali as a strategic gateway for a possible rebel attack on Bamako.

Over the weekend, fighter jets from France attacked targets deep in northern territories controlled by Islamist groups, notably the large city of Gao near the front. The French also targeted sites along the border with Mauritania, as well as Kidal, a remote trading post near Algeria.

Again, I'm all for this. It's better in my book to let other people put their lives at risk for goals that benefit us.

The real question, though, is whether the French tactics will work? Whether limited French airstrikes will be enough?

This is France.

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