January 14, 2013

Omar Shafik Hammami Like Totally Alive (Fatwas Issued!)

I guess Omar wants to prove he's alive, I guess he can be excused for, you know, not even having a newspaper by that whole Somalia thing.

*click for larger original

The meta data on the image indicated nothing. The image was posted on Jan 14th.

Photoshop contest for Fatwas? I think so, email mchlhwrd (at) gmail (dot) you know.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The I will cut ur neck Fatwa issued against Dr. Rusty Shackleford for...


The Devil will do meetballs from you body Fatwa Issued against Nanabozoh for ....

maya sucks_small.JPG

The Why you insult Holly Koran Fatwa Issued against B'emet Or for


*More entries below the fold, and did we mention that these entries are even more real than the original?




Update by SH: Kafiroon's entry:


Update by SH: The Realist of Queensland's entry:


?Photoshopped? Could be, I don't think so but at the very least not a very good camera.

After further review, FAKE FAKE FAKE.

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