January 12, 2013

Assassination Attempt Against Italian Consul General In #Benghazi


Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- Gunmen targeted the car of the Italian consul general in Benghazi, Libya, on Saturday as he was leaving the consulate, the latest in a series of attacks targeting foreign missions and security officials in the eastern city.

Consul General Guido de Sanctis was in an armored car pulling out of the garage when the gunmen pulled up alongside the vehicle and opened fire, the diplomat told CNN.

No one was injured.

Libyan police arrived immediately to secure the scene, said de Sanctis, who was unsure of who was behind the attack.

"It is difficult to make conclusions ... but if you look at the past months, some people are trying to send all the foreigners away," he said. "The British, the Red Cross and unfortunately the Americans -- now us? I was not sure we were on the list. I did not expect it at all."

Mama mia Guido de Sanctis, you are a kaffir and al-Qaeda doesn't want you in Libya. Is that so hard to understand? Oh wait, neither did the bronco bama administration and look where that dhimmitude got us. Four dead Americans and no one has been held accountable. Zilch, nada...

de Sanctis was damn lucky he was in a armored car, just sayin..

h/t @intelwire & @DaveedGR

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