January 12, 2013

S.E. Cupp 'Blood Boils' Over Eric Holder Wanting To 'Shame' Gun Owners


It wasn't by accident Journal News happened to publish the Google map of legal gun owners. It was meant to 'shame' them. Now, the so called journalist are in 'hiding' claiming their lives are in danger for publishing said map.

Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' are at work here:

[The Blaze]Attorney General Eric Holder made headlines this week after it was discovered that he once said gun owners should be “shamed” into giving up their firearms.

And TheBlaze’s S.E. Cupp was not impressed with his remarks.[More]

Here is the video of Fast and Furious Holder on guns in 1995:

1995 footage of Attorney General Eric Holder, when he was the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. In his remarks before the Woman's National Democratic Club, broadcast , Holder said people should be ashamed to own guns, just the way that cigarette smokes now "cower outside of buildings" to smoke.


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