January 11, 2013

This is Sharia

Sharia is like when you have your slave nanny beheaded.


Rizana Nafeek was a child herself -- 17 years old, according to her birth certificate -- when a four-month-old baby died in her care in Saudi Arabia. She had migrated from Sri Lanka only weeks earlier to be a domestic worker for a Saudi family.

Although Rizana said the baby died in a choking accident, Saudi courts convicted her of murder and sentenced her to death. On Wednesday, the Saudi government carried out the sentence in a gruesome fashion, by beheading Rizana.

But the Neocommies at CNN talk about about the need for better laws to protect workers rather than the absolute barbarity and injustice of Islamic Sharia law because if they did, then someone might want to implement a little absolute barbarity and injustice on them.

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