January 10, 2013

Homosexual Stoned To Death In Streets Of Cameroon

No crime, no trial, no judge or jury. Only Allah's punishment meted out by a mob.

For years, Goche Lamine was a good pious Muslim. He wore proper Muslim garb, he attended Mosque, and he was even an honored hafiz. His neighbors suspected he may have been gay though, never saw any indications. So when they prayed to Allah to show them the truth, he obliged.

From the Google Translation of CamNews24 via Look Under The Burka Of Islam (emphasis mine):

The unfortunate surprised before yesterday frolics with a student, was lynched by a mob. "We suspected for years. But never will Allah gave us the opportunity. And as they say usually 99 days for the thief, one day for the boss. Today. Allah has heightened our prayers and we surprised, "said a trader rejoicing central market before yesterday, January 6, 2013. This is a gay couple caught in the middle lovemaking in a shop in central market Maroua late yesterday morning.

Lamine Goche, thirties, was known as Oustaz (name given to one who has completed the study of the Koran). Wholesale drug on the street, Nigerian origin practiced commercially for years, says the keeper of the store next to hers. But nobody suspected his sexual orientation. "We had never seen him in action. Especially he was hiding under a religious dress code and behavior pious. " Lamine Goche was caught red-handed yesterday morning with the so-called Sanda, aged 17, who presents himself as a student in second grade in school. The crowd alerted by a street kid shouting "samaroka! Samaroka (Fulfulde homosexual)! ".

Was then precipitated on the two companions and began to throw stones at them. Muslim traders were violently angry behavior of Oustaz "who told the man of God when he was engaged in homosexuality," some complain. A close Goche says Lamine "chased her fiance two months of marriage because it promised denounce the practice." On the field, the identity of two companions will not be unveiled. Cross-checking will return later in possession of the above-mentioned. The body of Lamine Goche was abandoned by Muslim traders. Were Christians who finally buried. The young student, he was taken to the district chief. When we went to press, they were still debate in the chiefdom.

Abandoned by Muslims and buried by Christians. Yet the western gay and lesbian agenda attacks Christianity while embracing Islam.

I keep hearing Muslims and their apologists claiming that the radicals make up only a small minority of Muslims. That implies most Muslims in any given area should be moderate and peaceful. Yet, I keep seeing these incidents in which large mobs attack individuals. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting the impression that small minority is not such a small minority after all...

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