January 10, 2013

Missouri Man Kills, Dismembers Man & Throws His Body Parts At Bystanders

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KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (AP) — Neighbors of a Missouri man accused of killing a man, dismembering the body and tossing the victim’s arms at bystanders, said the scene left them with nightmares and was “like something out of a horror movie.”[...]

Police officers responding to a call of a vehicle fire Sunday arrived at the housing development in Kirksville, about 200 miles northwest of St. Louis, and saw Potter “throw two objects, later identified as human arms, towards the witnesses,” according to a probable cause statement.

Neighbor Jerry Stahl said he was outside Potter’s apartment when Potter hurled the victim’s arms.

“They hit me. I had blood on me and I’ve had nightmares since,” Stahl told The Kirksville Daily Express. “I couldn’t sleep Sunday. I still cry about it. It’s horrific.”[More...]

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