January 10, 2013

Anonymous: Like Occupy Did To A Cop Car, We Want To Sh*t On Websites Too Like, Legally

Anonymous petitions U.S. to see DDoS attacks as legal protest. They also want their hacker buddies released from jail and their hacking records cleared.

It's hard to imagine a group that adheres to anarchic ideology would want its actions legalized under U.S. law. But that is exactly what Anonymous is doing.

The loose-knit group of hackers submitted a petition to President Obama this week asking that distributed denial-of-service attacks be recognized as a legal form of protest.

The petition, which is posted on the White House's "We the People" Web site, claims that DDoS attacks are not illegal hacking but rather a way for people to carry out protests online. Similar to the Occupy movement when protesters pitched tents in public spaces, the petition says DDoS attacks also occupy public spaces in order to send a message.

[h/t @switch_d]

Like Occupy, Anon can't spell worth a damn. Like Occupy destroying public spaces and hurting businesses, Anon wants to destroy and hurt businesses of those with whom they disagree with too. Like Occupy, Anon has also been infiltrated by some terror groups[<---more images here]

OWS and Anonymous types joined alQaeda supporters protest on 9/11/2012 at our embassy in Cairo:

egypt_alqaeda flag.jpg

Here are the the above rage boys in action:

Also, #AnonHamas and Anonymous becomes Anon Hamas and Attacks Israel

Me thinks their petition has more to do with "we asked you nice" and if you don't comply then we are really gonna do some bad things to you or something.

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