January 09, 2013

EAG: Leftist Website Defends CTU's Lewis, Then Describes Michelle Malkin As An 'Anchor Baby'..

Real classy, leftist



CHICAGO – Leftists just can’t admit when they’re ridiculous and wrong. Instead of accepting responsibility, they lash out at their critics and look even more pathetic

A perfect example comes from a writer for Chicagoist.com, who seemed annoyed when EAGnews circulated a video earlier this week that caused some embarrassment for Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis.

The video showed Lewis making a speech in December in which she laughingly referred to labor leaders from past generations calling for the execution of wealthy people.

Our reporting of the video lit up conservative blogs and talk radio (including Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck) and soon after the traditional media, including Fox News, the Chicago Sun-Times, Fox Chicago and the Huffington Post.

National columnist Michelle Malkin also commented on the video, referring to Lewis as “Chicago thuggery personified.” Those comments were not lost on Chicagoist.com writer Chuck Sudo, who took revenge by referring to Malkin in writing as a “conservative columnist/anchor baby.”

That sounds like an ethnic slur if we ever heard one. Anchor baby. Really?

The left are so jealous of Michelle Malkin they can only resort to name calling, they have nothing else in their playbook.

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