January 08, 2013

Omar Hammami (aka Traitorous Jackass) And His Jackass (Updated)

American traitor Abu Mansoor al-Amiriki is a dead man walking, err, mounting his jackass:



After his novel yesterday it appears he wants one to feel sorry for him.

Tough shit bitch.

BTW, dead man walking comment comes from someone I mistook for someone else. Don't know 'em.

Update: BemetOr has a special image for Bullwinkle and his jackass:

bullwindle and jackass

Laughing Donkey

The original Bullwinkle by B:

Hammami_bullwinkle original


al-Shabaab Issues an I Will Cut Your Neck Fatwa Against Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki
Update Video Omar Hamammi Appeals For Mercy(bumped)

Omar Hammami's personal dispute with Shabaab[LWJ]

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