January 07, 2013

al-Shabaab Issues an I Will Cut Your Neck Fatwa Against Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki
Update Video Omar Hamammi Appeals For Mercy(bumped)



Why Omar Insult Holy Koran?

Update: نداء آخر ~ Another Appeal. Its in Arabic so I cant' understand. But I've put the Googlish under the fold.

To Cheickna Fadhel
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
Will not dwell on please Ali including benefited from fun Khtpkm, but I enter directly at the heart of the matter, namely the deterioration of current private in this country, as you might have heard in the news.
Permission required from you and my brothers who gather around, according to afford assistance with regard to the continuity of more than abundance once.
Faraj Muslim housewife Farajallah about the plight of the Carpathians on the Day of Resurrection.
This arrived God and peace and bless Muhammad and his family and companions,
The last prayer to thank God

Update II: The pastebins listed in the video contain two documents in English and Arabic. I'll post the English portions below the fold.

Pastebin 1:

In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to Allah, we praise Him and seek His help and Nstahedah and seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and our evils Ihdh God is Mahtd and not mislead Hadi and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger

To Distinguished Jihad leaders
Of the poor slave of Abu Mansour the American

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings

We ask God that you will be in the best case and in the health and well-being. And may God bless you from the plots of the enemy.

Then before embarking on the meaning of this message I want to apologize to you that with Kony Arab assets still outlandish tongue I hope that you turn a blind eye for grammatical errors, language and spelling. And was Ingbe Ali in such correspondence be looking for to me who have studied the science of Rhetoric and Oratory. But this was my best default Vsamehohna.

Secondly I want to apologize to you that I am not only a man mistaken and wounded, was inclined to side in the expression and also may be image issue I have is full, but nevertheless I think that my point is absent from the more knowledge people and vice versa the other side is widespread in the forums and in the movies. In each case you're not forced to merely what to say. Instead, you must hear both sides fairly, knowing that magic of the statement may be informed of each other Flakm facts - if bitter - without beautiful phrases.

Now get into the heart of the matter by mentioning the history that led to our embarrassment:

What happened after the days of the Islamic Courts withdrawal

After the huge withdrawal - and I think the details are known to have - we met with Sheikh Hassan Turki in the top Kiampona Forest and we started some training with my father Mansour Albehani Almighty God's mercy (Yemeni al-Qaeda leader). The Abu Mansur is our teacher and Mncdna which removes us worry and grief in cases of distress, but with so he could hide in the same sadness for avoiding Sheikh Hassan Turki any significant role for immigrants - but if it came through Abu Abdullah Sudanese (Issa Osman Issa) - Abu Abdullah was miss us a lot in those days for long periods in order to participate in the war and so on.

Abu Mansour was wants to train immigrants in the absence of Abu Abdullah (This was something my father Abdullah himself) the best possible discharge of his duty before God Almighty. But who on Sheikh Hassan Turki refused and threatened to immigrants that tie into a tree if they tried to get out of the woods. But despite these threats went out and rented a boat to get out of Somalia to any other front (and hope was in Afghanistan). Abu Mansour was God's mercy asked me to Eravgah in that travel but visions and istakhaarah me seat. What was only weeks after that and then we heard the news that half brothers were killed in the country named (men) and the other half survived to fall prisoners in various countries. And was told that they were subjected to the process of espionage. From God and to Him we return.

Then we stayed at least in Kiampona and missed us Abu Abdullah for his determination to reach the brothers from the base, but the families in the middle of the road in Sudan and leave the story at his Vasul (Abu-Fadil lunar) - and the name of the owner of this Abdullah Derry (who died with him) mercy of God - that leave migrants of Kiampona after 6 months of his release (as promised before going out). That time coincided with migrants' access to the news that Sheikh Hassan Turki entered with Sheikh Sharif in Asmara alliance which was collecting much of the laity. Verwdhana (private and I abused a lot of fault for the right to question where I was a professor of legitimacy and a camp coaches) and we were afraid for ourselves too much.

Then came envoy Abdullah Derry to get us out of Kiampona This also coincided with the announcement of the Mujahideen Youth Movement that they refused to enter into an alliance secularists and joy so too and we tried to contact them, then join them. At the time, we thought that the problem of lack of clarity of the flag have been solved this.

After consultations by the Mujahideen Youth Movement accepted - finally - that welcome immigrants. Vtnkerna dressed as women and boarded ships and we passed the road sector to reach them and really welcomed us. May God reward them.

Then we sat down with Sheikh Abu Zubayr and talked about what happened in We Kiampona said that the mistakes that occurred between immigrants and supporters for a lack of understanding and coordination. Aftbanna him be a man among us to coordinate because immigrants were a private entity is an entity Shabaab relationship was no mere commands and obedience, but consultation and coordination.

Wiczamn with Saleh Nabhan returns to Somalia and they have chosen for the job. Then before Nabhan this work provided accepting immigrants (even though he wants to work outside of the internal conditions of migrants). He sat with us and Astftana us hilariously and formed a new administration.

The first immigrants under management Shabaab with Saleh Nabhan

The Emir of immigrants since go Abu Abdullah Sudanese management time new immigrants call the "left-handed pleased." And a very good brother, but became involved with local politics and we ask God to guide us all.

The important thing from this that the "left-handed pleased" became Vice Nabhan and I Amir the Shura and Amir fronts. This is a big titles but our numbers do not exceed a faction with us Somalis from the West.

The new administration's relationship with the fans and the first mention of the base:

At this time came early senior princes movement and sat with new immigrants and management stated that some fear the independence of immigrants and talk about al-Qaeda TALK Nabhan and said that the relationship between immigrants and supporters will be on the basis of a relationship Taliban rule. He said he will announce the name of the rule after 6 months if the movement fails to communicate with the base in that period. Then approved by Sheikh Abu Zubayr this talk - apparent - but he said he wants to do, such as the relationship between immigrants and supporters in the Islamic state in Iraq. He added that the emirate movement be أكفء even if it was an immigrant.

Then we went to the front and participated in some of the battles as seen in the movies (like an ambush Birdala) and we came back with many complaints and many demands coincided with the complexity of the first large Shura of the Mujahideen Youth Movement with immigrants. So we were three of us are all present in the Shura with Ansar. And if they were afraid of our confidence in ourselves and our coherent system because they dragged me from immigrants immediately after this meeting and made me a prince of Mogadishu Army quickly awesome!

What happened with me in positions of Ansar:

Continued Nabhan God's mercy in the management of a left-handed Alamorma pleased at a time I was suffering from a lack of responsiveness from the Ansar. I began to feel that they gave me only a formality position and after that they sent all the armies to regions without scientific twice! All the army is fully aware of this - with senior princes and also with those who fall under Msaliti. Then they sent me to another responsibility after having offered to resign. This time I was responsible for two fronts! And sent armies (in the front and one) to another territory without my knowledge after they told me to send it to the other before that 12 hours! In the second front they told me to negotiate with (Baidoa) and planned for all then went out for planning and left me in the back!

And, of course, offered to resign after it for the second time and turned me into political offices because they do not want men to think and want to do what all them in the management of military action. I understood at that time that the reality of the problem in the army due to political problems and loss of movement of a clear vision and strategic occasion.

In that period new concerns have emerged by Ansar towards immigrants because Nabhan was a strong army of immigrants for the purposes of establishing a role model for supporters and direct them to the right path. Shura has sat in immigrants and we said we do not want to compete with fans, but we want to enter them and then directing them by our actions. But it seems that the application of this speech was inclined to a photo competition (although funding was all by Ansar)! He told me Sheikh Abu Zubayr that these fears of immigrants present when supporters. But Nabhan did not feel it or do not care very much about the matter.

Shura with Ansar and said al-Qaeda in Yemen:

In this period, establish another Shura session and got important things. The first thing that came from our brothers in Yemen to address the Mujahideen Youth Movement and was part of the speech that leaders in Afghanistan are waiting to join the movement under the rule of the hottest coals. And then we discussed the option of joining al-Qaeda and the option declaration of an Islamic state and public opinion tends to state option (with accepting immigrants principle the establishment of a strong relationship with al-Qaeda). But Sheikh Abu Zubair announced that conditions are not valid now without justify saying no evidence to move to any of the sides!

The second thing they chose to fight with Sheikh Sharif in a way that regular warfare Although inductive them that continue to guerrilla warfare.

The third thing that Abu Zubair resigned from the emirate for the dispute between him and the Somali Abu Mansour (Mukhtar Robo) and then to resign for 3 months, then our understanding after that period that the resignation was not only to prove his feet only. And God.

Shura third and my new role:

Happened at this meeting approve the Abu Zubayr leader of the movement, as well as acknowledged continue fighting with Sheikh Sharif as well as fighting with the infidels (Galgudud) regular (without any justification strategy). They continued to stall in the Declaration of al-Qaeda or the state. And then we put some milestones and targets in the way of access to the state and appointed a committee to monitor the progress and application. The Committee made this a mini Shura at a time when the spread of the rest of the members of the Shura in the regions. And اختاروني I Shura Deputy Emir and also اختاروني prince of this Committee. After that meeting, we started working without a real response from the Abu Zubayr.

To continue in the dismantling of immigrants:

Nabhan was very tired of the heavy work that took him for doing things where immigrants too many number of immigrants and he wants to return to the primary objective of which is to carry out foreign and create a new front in Kenya. The eyes of the Ansaar deportation for immigrants because it was asking supporters large sums of money and many powers.

The were Astqtaboa "left-handed pleased" in this period and made him a prince of the media because he became complain of not getting his powers Deputy Emir immigrants. Perhaps the secret to that Nabhan was very trusted in recent days and also Nabhan was very interested in internal matters, but it gives priority to seek to establish external action even cause some volatility in the system.

Came the opportunity to change the prince of immigrants and Tvkeckhm a completely Vanthezwha each skill.

We were in session Shura immigrants Nabhan complained of lack of budget, despite the large number of immigrants and businesses. This came because immigrants gravity multiplied and many of them married. The burden of the army and entered in a camp immigrants as well as the budget. It is worth mentioning here that the army of immigrants was responsible for a large sector of Mogadishu at the time and was of the line of defense warmest lines.

He decided Nabhan that supporters will ask for more in the budget if they refused orders will great! (It was sometimes threatens to go to Yemen or Kenya)

Faraga Nabhan and left-handed facilitated the meeting with Abu Zubayr and told what happened immigrants Shura. The point is that they did not increase the budget but rather changed Prince (Bobeef pleased) and admitted immigrants under the Army Army of Ansar!

Unfortunately, in the beginning it did not stir a of immigrants finger! Valenbhan he wants to rest and also gave him money and sufficient powers to start overseas operations and create a front Kenya was also asked for the past two and a left-handed pleased he saw that there must be access under the regime supporters to economic conditions and to reduce the atmosphere of competition, and the others were new in Somalia did not try system Ansar. I stayed alone in my rejection of this resolution that Nabhan said he really believes that this decision will be the end of immigrants. When saying this you him and kissed his head and turning this opinion immigrants to the outright rejection of the resolution (except when left-handed pleased). But Nabhan said he could not send a delegation of immigrants to Abu Zubair for discussion in this thread and avoids intervene personally.

Nabhan chose five people from migrant and I you Khameshm. Unfortunately did not speak at this meeting others and House debate between me and Abu Zubayr long to be tired and others began to show features accept the decision!

This is how she died the case and thus began the disintegration of immigrants in the life of system Nabhan God's mercy.

Martyrdom Nabhan and second administration of migrants:

It is worth mentioning here that the story of martyrdom surrounded prospects but less evidence in the case of the other issue. And God knows best.

The important thing here, we are after we heard the martyrdom Clergyman Almighty God's mercy immigrants so surprised at the same time they are beginning to understand that this is not the case just fine under Ansar system. When I saw many complaints you collect immigrants and left-handed Han is pleased to hold a session Shura Before that me and we sat down to talk in a new beginning. The people at that meeting are divided into two categories: those who want to continue the current system and wants to re-organize immigrants and independence from the Ansar as before (but without competition). The left-handed headed the first group is pleased and I encourage the community second. And when the vote won the first community second Ptsoatin number of close to twenty. Thus died the case again.

Resignation from the positions of the Ansar:

After stalling Sheikh Abu Zubayr in complexity Shura despite the urgency of the Commission Shura him after he refused to change a lot of problems (including lead at all the information and all orders and opposition agreed upon in meetings Shura) I saw that I resign from my position as leader of the Committee Shura did not bring them any hearing thereafter .

Among the things that made me take this position because I saw a strong tendency to the so-called (interest) without interest first, as required by the provisions of Sharia. But, I had to take decisions first determine what is in the eyes of interest Abu Zubayr and then search for fatwas to justify this position. I had discussed a lot in various issues (Although every issue that may be in the same discretionary but all indicate to provide interest on the texts) and was responding much that my views will lead to chaos and that people reject and other phrases that are no substitute for texts something.

Perhaps my views may be somewhat strange to many of the brothers, (even members of al-Qaeda), but it as I said earlier: the lesson is not in the opinion of the issue itself, but the lesson in the way of access to that opinion (ie: they put Find ruling on the end of the list priorities). Abu Zubair was not coming out research to support his views and also did not respond to research presented to him.

Among the issues the legitimacy that Khafatth where: Taking taxes (and uncontrolled), and not to distribute the spoils (without satisfaction many winners then tampered with and not to take advantage of them), and leave the khat (even after enabling adequate and after belief haraam), and tortured Muslim accused process espionage (without proof Cutter), and killed covenanters (or who renounce apostasy and accepted their repentance when the movement visible) treacherously, and fight people before determining their rule in Islam (then turmoil after the fighting), and major bombings in places people (with the possibility to avoid it) and then non-payment of blood money In most cases, and so on.

And, of course, I refused to attend a shura with positions prince Committee and Vice Shura Council Sheikh Abu impact Zubair did not Istdni for presence in front of him for a long time after that and kept me from appearing in the media in an informal way.

Full retirement and the deterioration of the conditions of immigrants:

After I saw that the reform of the Ansar is possible that immigrants will not understand the issue only after cruel experiments retired people and I was in the office hidden under the responsibility of the left-handed pleased that began as little understood. But was pleased that he became convinced that the entry of migrants under Ansar was a wrong decision and began seeking (according to what he told me) to configure new independent management.

During this period began out many immigrants from Somalia (especially those from Kenya) and jailed some and conditions CME very bad hand Hassan care matters immigrants with being the backbone of defenses that long presence in Mogadishu (though Elhahi on Sheikh Abu Zubayr that alters strategic to guerrilla warfare).

This situation led to the support of left-handed pleased the idea of the independence of the immigrants in the Shura most complex by the complexity of the Shura Ansar days. He promised that he will fight for immigrants this view before the Ansar.

However, the bitter truth that he did not defend the required force and supporters also took camps of migrants and some other offices, where left-handed pleased announced his resignation from the Emirate of immigrants.

Then hold another shura of migrants immediately afterwards and told us what. I figured that immigrants will understand the case well after the destruction of the entire entity immigrants but I've found that left-handed became pleased (though leniency) extremist in front of public opinion because more immigrants engaged fully involved with the decision!

This is not only severe reaction temptation by supporters of the ancient immigrants (false promises and providing some facilities in advance) and also due to the ignorance of most new conditions Ansar (because who entered in the offices of the Ansar in that period are few).

Back left-handed to the emirate is pleased:

After the resignation of left-handed became interested in our office is pleased hidden more and we raise some of the reports and research to Abu Zubair without any response, thereby affecting the same left-handed pleased. But the nature of the brother he loves to hide problems to the extent that it may be used tricks and ambiguity in order not one understands that there is a problem. This is because the issue of misconception obedience and also the issue of backbiting. And Parts good God and pious but solutions will not come without knowing the causes of the problems.

The seek rulings owners office on the issue of migrants and re Amarthm and we all tell him that he returned early (because fans will not liked it otherwise for his policy to hide misdeeds) hurt migrants because they need to test more to understand the fact the case and then look for solutions for themselves and this will convince supporters of the importance of strong management of migrants because they are non-management may do what he sees Ansar somewhat chaotic. But brother did not listen and heard that shortly after he returned to the Emirate of immigrants with false promises new.

Return Vasul to Somalia with teachers:

Coincided back left-handed to the emirate is pleased with return Vasul to Somalia with the accompanying teachers and asked the Mujahideen Youth Movement to help some of the projects.

As you know, in the region (Puntland) to the Mujahideen was Vasul looking for area to do exercises and then planning for foreign operations and to create new fronts. The coveted in the area (Puntland) and (Bay and Bakool) where the owner (Puntland) and Abu Mansour two Somali influence in those areas.

Then left-handed Vasul Tell this program is pleased Tell Abu Zubair automatically without thinking. And then became Vasul in black list at the beginning it was his relationship with the Somali Abu Mansour and his talk about sending migrants to the region weakens the influence of Abu Zubayr was all makes Vazola in into sects abstaining when motion Mfaty.

Despite these concerns by supporters that the teachers (who accompanied Vasul) a specialized course in light weapons and advanced tactics. But the rivalry between the movement and among those who have declared their affiliation to al-Qaeda (They Vasul and teachers and some of the migrants who were relationship Balnbhan and previously Vasul) become competitive terrible Alanaa. The session was stopped and then continue and then stop and then continue and so forth to be heard martyrdom Vasul in very mysterious circumstances.

Martyrdom Vasul and withdrawal from Mogadishu:

The strange thing is that Vasul was much apprehension of the Mujahideen Youth Movement who told him that the deputy Abu Zubayr told him that if they heard that Vasul Somali Abu Mansour met Vsasamaon experience in the (BBC). And was hiding a lot of movement (even left-handed pleased n).

And came out of the camp session ahead of Morocco to go to the city of Afgoye, but who was told to expect in Afgoye that there would not sleep that night. And without knowledge of a turn - as has been said - to the point of Mogadishu in a long road much phlyctenulosis of inspection Shabaab and was supposed to take any roll on the left before coming out of these points. It was not suitable degree warned is Vasul to continue on the road after those points in order to reach Mogadishu sooner. But the story of mutual he continued in this way to be entered at the point of the enemy. (The distance between the last point of the movement and the first point of the enemy almost 2 miles do not imagine that driver Sagvl road at that distance and in those area and Vasul was Abdullah Derry, knowing the road). And was told that the reason for changing the flight of Afgoye movement and promised to provide a large sum of money, and was told that he died with that amount, indicating that meeting.

Because of this information as well as some photos shows Vasul where In his shoulders strange tie, came various interpretations about the case. Especially Vasul was referring in my life that Abu Talha al-Sudani, was blacklisted when the movement for independence always also cited in mysterious circumstances between the Mujahideen in the woods before the approach of the enemy whom the duration. And who was with him when the citation did not have a larger pistol However he returned unscathed. I saw the picture with my own eyes and the wound was in the bottom of his heart Almighty God's mercy. And also of strange things they did not want to bring out the information about his death for a very long time because the enemy does not know by what they said, did not want to bring out the film him as he explains the history of Somalia, even after Albhan announced his death. God knows.

It is important that this news caused severe confusion in the ranks of immigrants who were followers of the events and declared competition between the two sides.

This coincided news with extreme weakness in the defenses in Mogadishu (perhaps due to lack of money and men that came as a result of battles (end aggressors) in the previous year and by the closure of the port at the time for strong winds) and soon people only slightly by sudden withdrawal from Mogadishu (even left-handed NATO is pleased that he did not know with time he was aware that something like this will happen).

This is also the reason confusion again in the ranks of immigrants who did not understand the issue well (with the opportunity to exit from the defenses were very helpful because they could not meet with some to discuss the case before it in order to fill the defenses could not threatening to get out of defenses, despite the bad conditions because Ansar Cisjnohm on the basis of charge Takvel Mujahideen and open gaps for the enemy).

Attempts at reform by members of immigrants:

Thought some immigrants that this withdrawal would be like what happened in the courts (very fast and very large) gathered people with the personnel treated in color, race, language and a range of Arabs met and went to the house of Sheikh Fuad met Abu Mansour Somali Tmacarua in options. Among these options Go to (the Bay and Bakool) for the gathering and planning project work like Vasul God's mercy. And like Vasul God's mercy a member of that group told left-handed pleased with all of what happened is told Abu Zubayr.

Then when people understand that not only withdrawal from Mogadishu and met all immigrants near Baidoa that group refused to refer to immigrants system unless certain conditions are met. Part of the conditions resignation left-handed pleased and meeting as Abu Zubair personally to inform him of what they saw of errors.

These demands did not find acceptance when the Ansar and the vulnerability of these brothers under house arrest in the home. They were told that they have no option but:

1) silence and enter into the system
2) prison
3) out of Somalia!

When they suggested staying in Somalia in Dar al-Islam as immigrants (as prescribed legally) they were told that this decision violates the Mujahideen Youth Movement.

They were told that unknown Tzakyatem and was told they were in rule of abstaining community. And this with a Moroccan sheikh among prisoners has appeared in film, Osama and the movement to offer much for forensic knowledge.

(He cited this Sheikh finally in mysterious circumstances, after threats to cut off his tongue No. anonymous saw with my own eyes, because the location of the bombs was within walking distance of the city but the shelling came after they left the city three or four hours and the bodies were all out of the car without the features of the bombing on each. .. But Sheikh's face was burned!)

This attempt coincided with another attempt by some wise immigrants who entered the offices of the fans and have had many experiences with they were not who they are told the ancient immigrants (who have been involved in the system Ansar except what God's womb). The demands of these like the first two demands: they want to change the prince, and independent entity immigrants, and meeting Abu Zubair personally.

In this time before the Abu Zubair meeting and before changing Prince and immigrants apparent autonomy. And instead of left-handed brother last pleased was director of the migrant camps and then Emir of Social Affairs in one city with few inadvertent contact with the offices of the Ansar. But it was Mtcefa lack of forensic science and the large number of blind obedience and reverence for the left-handed Abu Zubayr pleased.

He agreed these brothers on this decision, although it was presumably not one of them (ie: they did not choose their leader, but they suggested some names, which indicates a lack of complete independence) and then continued in the formation of a new administration.

The issue of al-Qaeda and Allegiance:

Sheikh asked me to meet in this period because the teachers who came with Vasul God's mercy came out of Somalia, such as withdrawal and came out on the trail of a number of immigrants for what they saw from the Ansar. And other immigrants began the steps and was Abu Zubair wants to learn from outputs immigrants and carried Ptharidahm against Ansar and thought I had left of my retirement policy for this purpose. Aftbanna a private meeting with him.

As for me, what I was familiar with all the events, but I understand public opinion when immigrants and the original causes of the problems and solutions introduced him every root and kindly with some tips on the movement as a whole. Among these tips, I told him that jihad in Somalia is not jihad globally and that fans do not want to carry-Qaeda's ideology and do not care about migrants and do not want to take advantage of them for nervousness. And asked him to isolate himself to the Somali Abu Mansour mobilize people and enter them in the conflict and to take advantage of immigrants. And other tips. I told him that he is afraid of me and therefore did not agree I enter in the movies for a long time (although people love and hate infidels me) and I told him he was not interested Bomniati Although research Alkavarni (In fact, I get a monthly fee from the office hidden in that period to work and I've used it for the purpose of reservation private security and also was a car I had in that period). But he assured me that he is not afraid of me and that he would attention Bomniati.

Then left his area to speak and he told me that a global jihad in Somalia because the Mujahideen Youth Movement Bayaoa Qaeda and their extensive correspondence. He said that the allegiance of the same base Mathaba allegiance succession. He told me that the unit of Sharia (pointing to my words about the independence of immigrants and the establishment of Abu Mansour management of southern Somalia and the establishment of the Abu Zubayr open new fronts in the north). He told me that the movement can not conduct foreign weak for the possibilities and so on.

I told him that I Sajob on these matters in a written message due to lack of time before that and also asked me to send some of the research that you set before. I went out from him on this.

After this meeting a day or two I heard that Abu Zubair asked to attend the brothers who have these reform steps and also requested the presence of some ancient and called (with a left-handed pleased including) and announced the name of the new Emir of migrants and read them some messages from al-Qaeda and announced that they have become a part of it He then asked Mufti Abu Zubayr that pay allegiance to all attendees Abu Zubair they did. Tell me more these brothers they hated those Allegiance later and felt that this concert was a trap for them.

The fact that they refused to join al-Qaeda, but they felt that the relationship fake because Sheikh Ayman not speak yet but we have heard about such a relationship more than once and usually come to talk about it within a clear political conditions. This is because the father Mansour was not in favor of this resolution and it seems that he came to the delegitimization of any movement may in the future on the land of Somalia. It is strange in this decision because it refers to a global focus and approach of immigrants, and this was all the opposite of what we see at that stage.

And added to these securities by letter to Abu Zubayr in these matters (sent him a private, did not pass between the brothers in Somalia, fearing ignite sedition charge).

Violation of promise and a survey in my right policy:

Not worried brothers of these events and they chose to continue with the new administration as long as that Abu Zubair promised that immigrants system will be independent and that all immigrants will be a follower of this system without Ansar system and that the powers of immigrants system will be full powers.

But after the initiation of hearings Shura (and I was a prince Shura of those days were numbered) and found that the new Emir does not see the importance of recognizing the decisions of the Shura (even if the decision was something fateful, even if the resolution represents the vast majority) Among these decisions primary goal of the new administration ( ie: independence for conducting training and planning for the external action). Then, after long discussions we agreed on some items and raised the demands of the new administration to Abu Zubair, where the rejection of all that.

He refused to give the new administration some cadres of immigrants who were in the offices with the fans, and refused to give immigrants some offices and powers like: Security Office, Office of Research and Development, and the Office of roads and reception (ie: input and output immigrants) did not give us a budget to do create a camp again.

Did not increase in the budget of families something while at the same time rejecting any attempt by immigrants to get connected to financing from abroad and reject any attempt by them to carry out the spoils.

Vvhemena directly that these promises were false and that Abu Zubair did not want to play for migrants list. So we resign from this administration are all new except Prince with some who were not of those who have taken steps initial reform.

These sessions coincided with the news that Abu Zubair has solved our hidden and sent to accompany me news that I have with immigrants from now as a normal soldier. And dragged me the money that you use to protect myself and for mobility and online services and communications. Then after a car pulled me as well.

Current and if immigrants after failure:

I understand that the actions of Abu Zubayr in my right was a punishment for a few things:

1) my relationship with my father Mansour Somali and my proposal to lead
2) the paper that sent him the question of allegiance and al-Qaeda
3) audio recorded and filed by the other way movement with it a public lecture and not on behalf of the movement
4) and perhaps because he thought that I instigated against Ansar immigrants (though I was a retreat for the policy completely and did not oppose his emirate never ... but remedial work was always in the earlier stages in the range of advice and Shura system)

Such acts and wanted to prove to me that I am not only an ordinary man, not much should be paid against me, and I accepted all this began to walk in the market without guard and without security measures to prove that I really am not only an ordinary man. This caused a sensation when Ansar and جائوني immediately to remind me Bomniati were blind by the length of this time and they have to destroy them after he pulled me possibilities that you use for wishful thinking by what you have agreed with the Emir of my office.

The rest of the immigrants in the same confusion and declare to me that they want to get out and that their minds become light and oblique to the madness. There in our ranks experts in various sciences like Dr who banned him from working in Somalia as a doctor and who can not go back to his country and that came with a wife and 4 children (with the monthly income of the movement like any other soldier married to one child).

It is worth mentioning here that 4 of immigrants imprisoned soon (including from a prison in the first time and also including another man appeared in action films and had a special group to terrorize the enemy defenses) for charge of apostasy by what was said because it was said they were heading to the apostates in private car! We fear that this is also because of the relationship of these Abu Mansour Somali. Has been interpreted by some of the brothers to go to those who unusual interpretations and there is no correlation between the direction of biographies and apostasy.

The prison crisis and directed the film:

It is worth mentioning here that I always careful not sedition whatever is said about me because I always try to draw people's feelings to the reform through consultation and advice without chaos and individual work. If this fails then the way I was trying to avoid people, lest said to me I was rumored discord and lest be surrounded by problems that are not for me to fix it.

And if you understand this, it was not my decision that I walk in the market except for my concern for the lack of involvement of such charges because I'm sure that the frictional migrants will inevitably lead to talk of the situation and then to ignite sedition charge. Also, as long as they dragged me to work and the possibilities and smashed immigrants hope for change ... I saw just sit at home, which may cause me psychiatric illness. We did not get out of our homes only to teach the enemy lessons there نرض sit at home without work.

You mention the long months in the forests of top Kiampona when Hassan Turki refused any role immigrants (not allowed to fight not allowed to go out of the woods). And we were in those circumstances, after the failure of attempts to change, trying to turn a blind eye to it and engage in cooking and jokes and songs even raise our morale. I figured I want to comply with those steps with the knowledge that the difference between those times and between this case and clear, but the sentiment was close.

Anyway, I went out of my house and said the governor, Amir Hisba I do not want chaos but a Muslim man Crown Hariati like any other Muslim. What is the point of your argument "Blood for blood, and demolition demolition" if you Tmanona than not its Ansar تمنعون. And said to them that I enter in the House strongly without reason appointed prison. I told them that their advice acceptable but not conservation of their powers on security force (especially the fact that maintaining it is Murad by motion) and أرشدتهم to some facts that I noticed from the actions of the enemies in Somalia. I told them that the enemy does not want bombing like me within cities (though what they are doing in Somalia) and does not want the loss of many of the people (though what Afulenh in Somalia) for the prevailing policy in Somalia. I pointed to the operations against the brothers like Nabhan and Bilal Albergawi mercy of God.

Fterkny governor and Prince calculation for my circumstances, but they advised me always cautious, especially Somalis if they were brothers. (They were locked some kin to me at that time on charges of spying without evidence).

Then after three months of prayer in the mosques and engage in commercial projects came first delegation by the movement and they said they do not accept this case. The antics they said I was an important man and that Sikcefna enemy immediately if they know where I am. I asked them if what you say the truth, why you wait all this time? How can I trust you and believe your words after such behavior? فسكتوا and entered in another case. I told them I Ahhy myself crazy sat at home or return to the problems of migrants and mobility problems. After little debate the legality of this came out of me. But I felt them just because they wanted to know the continuation of my membership in the youth movement (or al-Qaeda, as announced at the time) or Rajai to create a new movement. And other communications came in this sense than others in that period. I always tell them that Abu Zubair is the commander of the ground, but this does not mean that every one must join a certain movement and this does not mean that the Prince of Earth powers beyond the powers of the caliph. But came interpretation that I want to create a new movement because I was trying at the time connection to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and al-Qaeda leaders on the issue of immigrants. And also saw the closeness of Abu Mansour and other opponents of the princes policies Abu Zubayr.

But I again declared here in this letter that I do not want Shubra of Somaliland do not recommend anyone go out on Prince of Abu Zubair. But we advise them to accidentally Shura waiver of position and when he refused, remained silent. But do not give him powers over what God has given. No one نوجب to join Shabaab or al-Qaeda and wanted to leave to work with, it is free. (This is exactly what is happening with a lot of fans who return to their normal lives and not be punished for that something unless some needy people who imprisoned and beat the charges, then called Asraham and they are told you at large did not prove you aware.) And I did not meaningful to create a new movement with a movement youth (especially and I know they take fatwa of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Abdul Aziz in fighting movements).

Then after the meeting cited the aforementioned Moroccan Sheikh cited with Abu one Bartani in mysterious circumstances after threats. Delegation returned again and they said they have stocked car I want my pregnancy to the town of Afgoye. I refused completely because all brothers cite cars in that way. I get how they want off to a dangerous busy area a few days after the death of the brothers easy?! I told them that I'll finish some things and then would come out in my own way after nearly a week. And agreed with them on this also agreed with the governor and the Emir calculation like that. And you want to go to the front because the Ethiopians entered the town of Baidoa and you're up to date myself testimony (has big brothers ambush soon of Birdala in those days and days reported fronts).

After this agreement ... this happened. Amaury equipped for close to a week and went out at night on foot to go to the front without telling people so as not to touch the aerial bombardment. But known men calculation movements after watching some Seri where people put a little way to darkness. Amir calculation came with some of the brothers and they asked me to return. And I asked them what the problem is? They said you alone and did not tell anyone. I said them you Nsahtamona this (but Habstm closest people to doubt) Debbie was never News people Ptnqlata. On top of that accepted them escorts, but they have not liked this. Where they turn? I told the front. They said any front? And any car in any way? I told them this is not a method wishes to tell all the people this information private and you Stbulgon Omrakm phone and plane over our heads! Accepting, then a hour after they refused again. I accepted that use their car to Ohde their nerves, but they said that the car was not ready. Insisted on knowing who sent the first car and any front I want. I knew that the issue is not maintaining it is a political issue. I accepted advice brothers and I went back to the city to re-planning travel again. But when you return to the city they told me that the princes ordered Bsgni!

This who Oiguenna that the issue has become serious. Especially after what I've heard from senior princes that the movement might kill me or Tsgni in a secret location. And actually I came out of the city for this possibility because I figured they get angry only of the large number of my movements. I figured they will rejoice that I accepted their orders: I came out of the city, and went to the front, and kept on wishes. But they have not liked it. Then accepted their orders in the re-planning travel and so on. But they have not liked it.

He came in my mind they are asking for a reason to remove any possibility of a new movement if the enemy broke and became the ground for them and returned Jihad to the first stage of guerrilla warfare. I began to remember what I was told about the threats to some of the brothers who hold the world thought and opinion Akhalvenhm. I began to remember what was said about the mysterious circumstances around the death of Abu Talha al-Sudani and Vasul. And I began to wonder in the case of the death of Nabhan and Abu Hafs and Abu Ibrahim and Abu one. And began to see the prison around me of immigrants without evidence (even throw them shot and almost killed). And reported what I was told by one of the princes put forward as an idea may kill some opponents of the movement of interest (which may be the same who ordered Bsgni)! Afraid for myself and afraid for the future of jihad.

After the lack of response from the base and the inability to contact leaders of them, I saw that there is no solution for me is to go to the Internet lifted the film was seen by the world. But I, however, did not explain all the differences for tension Alawdah and please find solutions.

Despite the anger of some people, especially those who do not know the truth of what goes on in the upper layers of the movement, the answer from many of the senior princes they understood my fear and want to find a warranty promises that I will not touch on everything from prison or killed.

The truth is that I did not start this conflict between the men of al-Qaeda and the Mujahideen Youth Movement and I was not satisfied with him. I did not understand right understanding only after smashing the hopes of immigrants to fix their situation and if supporters in Somalia. I did not immigrants who left or were imprisoned or refused orders throughout my stay as a member of the Mujahideen Youth Movement. But I was trying to find solutions Shura, thinking that the princes see its importance. When I saw taken lightly, silent about them and was busy the office and they put me in it. Even after the withdrawal of work and I tried to avoid potential discord and preoccupied with matters of worldly affairs and did not speak in politics with a. But all this not Ardahm because they do not want just a violation of opinion because this indicates that they may be in error. This is dangerous because others may understand this error has been doing the work of the new reform. This is exactly what he was doing Hajjaj bin Yousef. He was looking for both the ruling did not satisfy even if silent hiding in the country and then test him and kill him. And God.


We ask God who answers the distressed if invited him to reveal us this sorrow and then ask you to fear Allah, your brothers vulnerable migrants in Somalia. We responsibility in your necks and figured out that your feet will not go away for place on the Day of Resurrection until you ask what you did in our day.

We add finally that we are not pretend perfection and innocence of errors, but has long said all the immigrants in their work is decent to them, but when judging men not a lesson not to sin but in acceptance and undo mistakes after the recall.

We are not also deny the preferred Ansar us. Has carried out great acts and sheltered immigrants and Nasrohm in more than one place. In many cases, immigrant in Somalia feels that the king holds on Almnakp. But comfort Aldnueh is not what we ask and seek. But, what one of us came to Somalia, which loses a living was not requesting ten after his resolve to enter into Somalia. One of us did not come to this land, students positions and marriage. But, everyone came structure of martyrdom operations in a wonderful likeness of the blessed Al-Qaeda operations. Many of the immigrants left a bright future in their professional fields in order to make the utmost efforts for the sake of God and to achieve their hopes in the testimony of their fellow mujahideen. Unfortunately, we do not find the opportunities that we have come to participate in the global jihad, or even to participate in the development of the jihad in Somalia. And God and it Altclan.

The issue now is the secretariat is in your hands.

This, and may God bless him and bless Muhammad and his family and companions,
The last prayer to thank God,

Poor slave,
Abu Mansour the American,
Spring II 1433

In the name of God the Merciful

Permissions Unity

First: we must differentiate between names and facts, the marine animal not be forbidden to name the pig or lion or dog as alcohol, adultery and usury not be permissible to remove these names them.

Second: legitimate duties came in accordance with the legitimate purposes and not good deeds and acts of worship in the religion - albeit devotional - simply lead to acts that violates the assets of al-Shara. Just as the prince should not be concerned Shura Council for the purpose of differentiating between people so too should not adherence to the pretext of unity for the dam it.

Third: true unity among Muslims is the Islamic caliphate and succession is based on two elements: 1) a global element 2) and a legitimate element. They must establish all the law Muhammadiyah in all the earth. If the group stand dam in front of a global jihad and if they seek to restrict certain people land is not part of the project to establish a caliphate not Saúah in the road to true unity.

Fourth: the unit is no doubt required in religion, but if this "unity" does not lead to the legitimate purposes that have made required for it ... They spin with Altha where Dart ... The Admt Admt although there is any.

Fifth: even in the case of true unity in the case of Muslims under the Emirate of meeting the legitimate caliph ... Even in that case may not prevent his flock of Caliph legitimate duties ... Especially what was imposed on the objects. For example, a truce with the infidels to leave some Muslim lands in their hands is not a legitimate contract required Muslim pandering to him, even if issued by the Caliph.

Sixth: the Mujahideen Youth Movement is not a caliphate recognition before the recognition of others. The succession will not be just a movement never ... And men not be a successor as soon as the lawsuit never ... how the prince does not claim the caliphate movement!?

It is worth mentioning that Al Qaeda is also not regarded as a succession ... Sheikh Osama did not Caliph same recognition ... Otherwise Vlmma letters waiting for succession? And why allegiance to Mullah Mohammad Omar? (Valmla - as is obvious - not also claim the caliphate) and why give up the name of the rule before the formation of an Islamic state in Iraq? Is it permissible for employers to destroy the caliphate caliphate themselves in order to refer to the back (whether they were in this verb بغاة)? And why letters of the Islamic State in Iraq also about waiting for succession? Did Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, a competitor to Mullah Mohammad Omar succession deserves permission murder?

Should not be such a manipulation of people's minds.

Seventh: not a duty on a join al-Qaeda and did not call this one ... I do not Sheikh Osama (God's mercy) and Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri after him and not others.

But on the basis of what some people are saying about the necessity of unity ... Was Young Mujahideen Movement sinful failure to join al-Qaeda these long years?

(It is interesting to ask: مذا grudge - without unity - between the youth movement and the al-Qaeda envoy to Somalia - such as Abu Ibrahim and Abu Abdullah and Nabhani and Vasul - years ago? And why delayed lawsuit join Shabaab to al Qaeda ... to time emptied arena of all these people?)

But, due unity is the unity of the Islamic Caliphate and all other types of unit may be required (either mustahabb or Juba) to the extent that to this true unity ... ie: succession. But if the "unity" repel succession or if they do not bring it closer to us concrete steps, or if it was slow set up ... This "unity" to be forbidden or distasteful as far as where underdevelopment and rollback of the caliphate.

Eighth: there is nothing wrong with the multiplicity of movements and groups, as long as this diversity leads to goodness of Islam without contravention of the purposes of legitimacy. If the areas of different groups like the application of science and the field of jihad ... There is nothing wrong with that. But if the one area but in different areas or different focus, Voadha not nothing wrong with that as long as this diversity does not lead to damage of conflict.

There is nothing wrong with the movement of work in northern Somalia for security purposes and other movement operating in the south of the objectives openly (as long as the border and controls their interaction clear and sound) because the borders Six Pico is not saying. It is no secret that prevent such diversity will logically lead to prevent the existence of an Islamic state in Somalia with another presence in Iraq (and the man who said to do so by members of the Mujahideen Youth Movement).

And also quite the existence of a group working to strike distant enemy in the same land where there are other traffic to hit the enemy Foundation near (as long as the deal between the two controls and clear, leading to nearly the Islamic Caliphate).

If it is said that the first for these groups to unite these efforts under one Emirate ... This request may be required ... and it may not be. The Prince was proposed for this project just wants coordination between these actions with the mandate of the people and provide the necessary powers to do what is fittest to religion ... This, of course, better than having these efforts without linking and coordinating. But, if the Prince wants to control these efforts will lead to stop for the purpose of focusing on the goals are less useful than (or for installing power only) ... how to be like this "unity" first or not?

Valmtalibon lonely singing the importance of "creating coordination" and "the multiplication of benefits" and "reduce conflict" and "reduce the chaos." How to "unit" lead to stop those efforts that were needed to coordinate (leading to reduced benefits)? And how to "unit" lead to the multiplication of conflicts and create chaos?

But, patience on such matters can only be done in the right successor, who may not get out of it only if he commits outright disbelief us from God proof. However, even in that case the right of his flock may perform duties without his permission that tried to stop their children. How soon Amir movement?!

Ninth: Here are some words of "jihad scientists" (though not an argument in itself if you are in breach of an explicit law) to differentiate between allegiance Amir Jihad and sell the caliph.

Says Mohamed Abdel Salam Faraj (may Allah have mercy on him) in his famous (Unfulfilled Duty):
(Allegiance to fight and die
Bukhaari Salamah, may Allah be pleased with him said: (pledged allegiance to the Prophet and then adjusted to the shade of a tree when Sandal people said: O son of Akwa not تبايع? I said: pledged allegiance to the Messenger of Allah, he also: second Fbaiath I said to him, O Abu Salamah anything you that day Tbaaon? said: death) .. Narrated also Muslim, Tirmidhi .. Al-Bukhaari also Abdullah bin Zaid, may Allah be pleased with him said: (Since the time of the free coming came to him and said: I'm Hanadzlah Ibaya people to death, he said: not Ibaya on this one after the Messenger of Allah) also narrated by Muslim and al. The novel previous reports passport allegiance to death and we are not studying the position of Abdullah bin Zaid and there is a difference between the allegiance of death and Allegiance absolute Khalifa only, and does not mean that Prince Jihad not obeyed the Messenger of God: (Whoever obeys me has obeyed God and whoever disobeys me has disobeyed God and obeys Prince has obeys me and disobey Prince has disobeyeth). Agreed. Ibn Abbas says: Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those of you) .. Women: 59 landed in Abdullah bin flywheel sent the Messenger of Allah in secret (which was Prince of Jihad))
This speech stating that allegiance Amir Jihad allegiance Caliph but obliges Alambaya kind of obedience.
Confirms this understanding the following fatwa issued by the Tawhid and Jihad platform:
(Praise be to Allah alone and prayers and peace be upon the Prophet after him and after:
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
My question is about Prince monument and in بيعته or should we sell in the battlefield?
And we do not have the possibility of exit horn at the present time?
May God reward you and God Zadkm note.

Liquid: kazakhi

Respondent: Committee legitimacy in the pulpit

In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds
God bless our Holy Prophet
And his family and companions


The allegiance of the princes in the battlefield is only Mtaana on was with them on the battlefield or a contributor to the report narrated by Abu Sa'eed may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - said: «If he goes three in travel of someone Vlaamarwa.

And from Abu Hurayrah, Abdullah ibn Umar, may Allah be pleased that the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: «It is not permissible for three are Pflah of the earth but ordered one

Hadeeth narrated by Abu Dawood narrated Bazzaar of Omar ibn Khattab bond properly. Tabarani from Ibn Masood attribution correctly, was minted by Abu Dawood and Mundhiri hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed Abu Hurayrah, and their men the right men but Ali is confident Sea. He said in conclusion: (claim a son. Gave no it Qadha).

The Allegiance Almtaana all one they sell Imam any successor narrated Abdullah bin Umar reported that the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: «Whoever dies and not in allegiance died dead ignorance» (Narrated by Muslim in the book: the emirate. Door : and Houb fulfill sell caliphs).

These Allegiance different people Aqd for the general public ..

Abu Abbas Ansari said the verse in the book: "Mufhm what confused summarize the book Muslim":

(However, it was from the people of the solution and the contract and fame, Fbiath word and direct hand; that was present, or saying and certification upon if absent, and enough is not known: that the thought entered under obedience Imam, and hear and obey him in secret and manifest, not believed Unlike Therefore, Odmrh died died dead ignorance; because he did not make in the pledge of allegiance).

But Allegiance legitimacy can only be a Muslim imam ruling by what Allah has revealed that Bayah people Aqd on the Quran and Sunnah.

Those who swore allegiance to the apostate rulers rulers other than what Allah revealed and loyal to the enemies of God and died on it has died, not of allegiance he swore allegiance is not considered in terms of legitimacy was بيعته Kaladm .. zero legally Kalmtm the sense.

And God knows

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Answered, a member of the Shariah Committee:
Sheikh Abu Mundhir Shanqeeti)
And confirms Abu Musab al-Suri (may Allah free him) difference between Albeotain in (call resistance) and refers to the Nueah obedience necessary in such restricted Albeat, p 1163:
((14) - the pledge of allegiance in the war:

Sheikh Abdullah said God's mercy:

[1 - (Ibn Umar, may Allah be pleased with him: we go back next year, what of two met on the tree under which they pledged allegiance, was the mercy of God, and was told: anything Bayahm? Death? Said: No, Bayahm patience) (Bukhari).

Allegiance in the war years quoted Prophet, peace be upon him to install the hearts and remind them of the covenant made on themselves before the battle.

Tree that pledged allegiance beneath: the tree that has underneath allegiance Radwan year (6 H), and in the next year year (7 e) did not know the two of us place the tree, and this mercy of God so as not to become a tree something sacred, then spread fads and myths through their presence and do not even People come to seek blessing from them, and Jaabir Muslim: (pledged allegiance not to a group and did not Nbayah death).

The tree is Samra of desert trees, has Khvat companions in the year following the Hudaybiyah fear of sedition.

(Abdullah bin froth may Allah be pleased with him said: Since the free time coming, came to him and said to him: I'm Hanadzlah Ibaya people to death, he said not Ibaya on this one after the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him) (Bukhari).

Free: a battle in the city years (63 e), and called free because horses (over) stormed the free (the first time breaks the horses stone free) because the free zone stones black surround the city from east Bahra (and I do), and west Bahra (Allowabrh) and therefore is said What between Hrtaha or in Ramadaan, and they mean these Ahartin, and when lawful Army (over) the city companion Abdullah bin Hanadzlah Ibaya people to death to fight over after dislocation بيعته.

(For Salamah ibn al-Akwa may Allah be pleased with him said: pledged allegiance to the Prophet peace be upon him and then adjusted to a tree, and when he eased people said: O son of Akwa not تبايع? Said: I said: You may pledged allegiance to the Messenger of Allah said: And also, Fbaiath second, and was told him: anything you Tbaaon day? said: death).

I've had peace be upon him choose some of his companions who prepare them for missions in the future and then take them covenants private characterized by the rest of the companions, also took on the garments and Abu Bakr and the class of companions (that do not ask people something) was one of them drops his whip from his hand is not required From a handling him.

The pledge of allegiance is always in righteousness and piety, because the era of cooperation on land piety may not Allegiance in sin and transgression, like Itaahidon era special then ask Alambaya after a period that works works not acceptable to God, and approved by the Shariah as a province so and so, and spy on so and follow SINS others.

Permissible for a Muslim to give several Baat to several people, gives Sheikh allegiance to strive with him, and others sell to have the flag on his hands and brought up on his hands, not the opposition between these Albeat, nor one may impose obedience in everything from Ahed something No one may to protest Bbiath to prevent Alambaya work righteousness stipulated Quran and Sunnah such as jihad for the sake of God, for example, because the pledge of allegiance then turn to the synagogue in sin (but obedience Virtue) (no obedience to a creature in disobedience to the Creator). uh. (1))
And يستعجب Sheikh who make allegiance Amir Jihad like allegiance Caliph in the same book, p 800:
(As well as the issue of Allegiance in regulations; and details its resolution and consequences of rights and duties. Has argued it is just under or closer to the section decomposes am giving the consequences when he wanted to. And enough on extremely fast for three days like unable votive. While others went that selling organization such as selling Imam greatest element can not only come out to see outright disbelief has it from God proof!!)
The exclamation marks are not me!!
Then he mentioned Sheikh Abu Musab that the ambiguity in such matters from the mistakes of the jihadi movement in the same book and also stated that he sees out of the passport of such groups if they become not lead to the desired goals, p 845:
(7 - the inability to identify legitimate content and dynamic behavior of a number of key concepts:
See the rest of Pastebin I here. Pastebin II is here[SH..ed]

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