January 06, 2013

Alabama: Russell County Authorities Intercept White Supremacist School Terror Plot

17-year-old Derek Shrout apparent planned the attack three days after the massacre in Sandy Hook, Connecticut



Police say 17-year-old Derek Shrout is a self-proclaimed white supremacist who wanted to commit hate crimes at Russell County high school with homemade explosives.

Had his book of plans not been carelessly left where a teacher could find it, the sheriff says no one may have discovered the plot until it was too late.

"The journal contained several plans that looked like potential terrorist attacks, and attacks of violence and danger on the school. And in particular, there were six students specifically named, and one teacher," said Russell County sheriff, Heath Taylor.

After the teacher who found his journal notified authorities, police searched his home and found dozens of tobacco containers filled with shrapnel and holes drilled for fuses. Investigators say Shrout was a step away from turning them into live grenades.

"These bombs are potential; they're not complete. So we don't want to indicate that he was ready to do something. It could have been a day later, potentially," said Taylor[More...]

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