January 06, 2013

Will Goregazeera Show Interviews With Al-Shabaab Spokesmen?

Note the Al Jazeera microphone, the new face of Al Gore's former Current TV. He sold it to a network full of terrorist sympathizers.

"Sheikh" Ali Mahamoud Rage aka Ali Dheere

They will most likely only show interviews like the above in their Arabic language channel or something.

You may remember, our very own American traitor Omar Hammimi aka Abu Mansoor al-Amiriki once was in with the above 'sheikh'. He is either dead or in hiding now. Hopefully dead.

His twitter feed has been very busy lately though.


Ali Dheere, and the other buy[guy] back a couple weeks was named Farmall al Baler or something? Do these guys think naming themselves after farm equipment makes them appear manly?
Al Gore Sells Current TV To Al Jazeera
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