January 04, 2013

Jawa Sing Along With Little Johnny Syria

Basic Verse translation of the song in question which is a well known Al Qaeda hymn.

"If they call me a 'terrorist', I would say: 'It is an honor for me'
Our terror is praised, with a divine calling

Our leader, the Mullah (Omar), did not forsake his religion
All the soldiers have sold their souls to Allah

Our leader bin Laden, America's worst nightmare
With the power of faith and our weapons

We destroyed America with a civilian plane
The World Trade Centre was turned into a pile of rubble

What, you don't want to sing along with that? What do you hate democracy?

Also I'm monitoring rumors of a "Zawahiri" captured by the Syrian regime. Rumors are that its Mohammad Zawahiri although I can't figure why he'd leave Egypt. I can see why Ayman Zawahiri might go to Syria but I'd think Mohammad would be most useful to AQ in his safe haven in Egypt.

I can find no source that confirm the whereabouts of Mohammad Zawahiri, if you can please comment or email mypetjawa(at)gmail(dot)com.

Update: I've one source that Mohammad Zawahiri is indeed captured. The Idependent in the UK is running this report.

Rebel fighters insisted Mohamed al-Zawahiri was engaged on a humanitarian mission and had not been involved in violent acts. They also claimed that he had, in fact, proposed a local truce to enable aid to get through.

However the Syrian regime is likely to try to capitalise on Mr Zawahiri’s presence in the country – if indeed they have him under arrest – as proof of their repeated charge that the revolution has been taken over by “terrorists”.

Terrorist? Naaahhhh! Surely not.

Update by SH: Per @ASAWinstanley: "AJE[AlJazeera English..ed]: Indy report abt Ayman al-Zawahari's brother being captured by Syrian regime is false: they spoke to him. Thx @MadeInNablus @Falasteeni"

h/t @El_Grillo1

So there's that.

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