January 02, 2013

Good News: 60k Dead in Syria

The various branches of the Religion of Peace are killing each other at a blistering pace in Syria.

The United Nations estimated Wednesday that more than 60,000 people have been killed in Syria's 21-month-old uprising against authoritarian rule, a toll one-third higher than what anti-regime activists had counted. The U.N. human rights chief called the toll "truly shocking."
The only question is will this civil war be costly enough that people in the Middle East will decide that settling their differences with blood is not worth it.

After I don't really know anyone here that thinks cost in blood of the American Civil is anything less than a tragedy. Sure issues were settled o the battlefield, but at an almost unimaginable cost.

So will the New Syria be worth the cost of the Jihad? I doubt it very much.

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