December 31, 2012

Syrian Rebels Behead Christian, Feed Body To Dogs

Remember, the Syrian rebels (aka FSA) are the good guys in this conflict according to the Obama Administration!

FSA kidnap and behead a Christian:

Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists.

The nun said taxi driver Andrei Arbashe, 38, was kidnapped after his brother was heard complaining that fighters against the ruling regime behaved like bandits.

She said his headless corpse was found by the side of the road, surrounded by hungry dogs. He had recently married and was soon to be a father.

That should teach the man's brother not to call the rebels 'bandits'! At least he didn't call them 'violent' or the rebels would have killed his whole family!

(Hat Tip: HalalPorkShop)

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