January 01, 2013

2012 Year in Review (Haiku Contest)
UPDATE: Winners Announced

Hope for change, I did.
Sith revealed. Liberty dies.
Thunderous applause

Any other ideas summarizing 2012 in 17 syllables?

UPDATE: Let's just go ahead and turn this into a full blown haiku contest. The winner gets a key to the Death Star, a laurel, and a hearty handshake.

UPDATE II: Happy New Year Jawas! Some great haikus.

The Weak Minds Voted for the Fiscal Cliff Deal award for best haiku summarizing 2012 goes to DMartyr for:

Trillion Dollar Debts,
Obama's Benghazi Folks.
Constitution death.

The C-3PO Was Just Programmed That Way award for best haiku describing Obama's inner innermost fantasies goes to Moshe Ben Avram for:

Luke Skywalker and the Prez,
Don't ask, don't tell,
Man love abounds.

The Xariff Loves Goatses Award is pretty self explanatory and goes to Kafiroon:

Xariif bows low
Butt high
Satan prong extends

And the Mark Thinks Poetry is for Fags award for best haiku integrating oblique yet timely lines from Star Wars goes to Snowflake X for:

Muslim moon and star
shining over Washington
Hold on: that's no moon

Thanks to all those that participated. Happy New Year!

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