December 30, 2012

Taliban Execute 21 Pakistani Policemen In Peshawar

Because they are the wrong kind of Muslims

[Bill Roggio]The Taliban executed 21 Pakistani policemen last night after capturing them during a series of raids at checkpoints outside the northwestern provincial capital of Peshawar last week. The Taliban have now conducted three mass executions of Pakistani security personnel since June 2011.

The policemen were bound, blindfolded, lined up, and shot after being tried and convicted by a Taliban court, provincial officials told Reuters. Of the 23 policemen who were captured during the raids last week, 21 were executed, one was shot but survived and is in a hospital with serious injuries, and one escaped, Dawn reported.

The Taliban's top spokesman and the spokesman for a local group operating in Peshawar both claimed credit for the execution.

We killed all the kidnapped men after a council of senior clerics gave a verdict for their execution. We didn't make any demand for their release because we don't spare any prisoners who are caught during fighting," said Ihsanullah Ihsan, the senior spokesman for the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.

Mohammad Afridi, the spokesman for the The Commander Tariq Afridi Group, said that his faction carried out the execution of the police. The Commander Tariq Afridi Group is one of the most dangerous Taliban factions. It is based in Darra Adam Khel and operates in Arakzai, Khyber, Peshawar, Kohat, and Hangu. Although Tariq Afridi, the group's emir, is rumored to have been killed, his death has not been confirmed by the Taliban.

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Most likely they filmed this and will prolly be posted soon on Jihad Tube or LiveLeak. Terrorists and their followers get off on killing innocent people. Makes for a good recruitment video.

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