December 29, 2012

Moscow: TU-204 Jet Crash Caught On Video

Wow, just wow:

Googlish: The collapse of the Tu-204 in "Vnukovo"

Question, how many people run a cam while driving down the highway? This YouTube user didn't give any explanation except to say CNN was interested in his/her video.

Russia's 'State" TV

A passenger jet crashed into a highway after making a hard landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. At least four people were killed and four critically injured, says the Interior Ministry. Officials believe the cause could be pilot error.

Two people were found dead at the scene of the TU-204 jet crash, while a 27-year-old woman died on the way to hospital. Whether the fourth person died at the scene or in the ambulance remains unclear. Those killed are the captain, the co-pilot, the flight engineer and a flight attendant, the Emergencies Ministry declared.

Four people taken to Moscow hospitals – three flight attendants and a technical staff – remain in a critical condition. They have sustained traumatic brain injuries, say medical officials.

By midnight the wreckage of the plane had been cleared and the traffic on the Kievskoye Highway fully restored[ More]

Prayers for the families affected by this.

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Update: Thanks for answering my question about the cams, much appreciated.

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