December 29, 2012

Al-Qassam Field Commander 'Falcon': I Went To Syria And All I Got Was Dead

Mujahidiot Mohammed Ahmed Bakr Qunneita aka Falcon

No human shields available in Syria?

Via Israelly Cool

Gaza man killed in Syria was ‘Qassam commander’

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man who was killed in Syria on Friday was a senior figure in Hamas’ armed wing, rebels and Hamas officials said Saturday.

Muhammad Qunneita, 31, from Shati refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, had been in Syria for four months, his brother told Ma’an.

Rebels told Reuters on Saturday Qunneita was killed in fighting around Aleppo airport where he had been helping to train Arab and Muslim fighters. Activists in Syria also said he had been a prominent figure in Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades.

After Qunneita died on Friday, Hamas-affiliated news site Palestine Now described him as a Al-Qassam field commander, quoting a military official in Gaza

I suspect the FSA is really gonna miss his 'coaching'.

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