December 28, 2012

Yemen: Al Qaeda's (AQAP) Media Arm Screws Up
Omits Bounty On US Ambassador to Yemen & US Soldiers (Updated)

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You missed the best part akhis!

A jihadist forum user stated on December 27 that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) recently released video “Jihad of the Ummah” is missing a section. AQAP’s media arm, al Malahem Foundation, released the video on jihadist forums on December 23. According to the unidentified jihadist forum user, the original video released on December 23 is missing a section offering a bounty for the killing of U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein and U.S. soldiers. A reward of 3,000 grams of gold was offered for the killing of Ambassador Feierstein and five million Yemeni Riyals was offered for the killing of a U.S. soldier serving in Yemen. The rewards would reportedly be paid within six months of the announcement.[1]
This is the video that sucked and now it really sucks! Stupid mujahidiots.

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[h/t for video: al-Qaeda supporter, former troll and Jawaa Bitch: Censored31]

He/she/it should get "I will cut your neck" fatwa for screwing up the video, just sayin..

Update: The missing parts are below. The jihadi claim the parts were deleted by the US. Or, All Your Videos R Belong To Us Akhis:

On Twitter, jihad supporters are currently disseminating what they are calling a segment deleted by the U.S. from the most recent video released by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The segment that is being disseminated, an audio file, includes AQAP's announcement of a reward of 3,000 grams of gold to anyone who assassinates "the Jewish" U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Gerald M. Feierstein, as well as a reward of five million Yemeni riyals (about $23,000) to anyone who kills a U.S. soldier in Yemen.[More...]

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