December 28, 2012

Iran: IRGC's Outreach (aka Recruiting) In Peru


Appears to be very successful

The Islamic Republic of Iran, represented by elements and individuals linked to the IRGC and answering to Ayatollah Khamenei, are building on their success elsewhere in Latin American, with a move into Peru. This has been going on for two or three years, and involves known IRGC operatives, local recruits, training/indoctrination trips to Qom, the bank rolling of local political organizations, and the establishment of an Iran-Peru "cultural" mission. All this activity is enabled by ascendent socialists of the Bolivarian type, both civilians and in the military. Recruitment activities are largely focused on, and conducted under the cover of, organizing and aiding indigenous people who self-identify as Incan (mostly Quechua). Last December - February saw the first group of recruits travel to Iran for two months. As of September 2012 efforts were being made to organize a second trip.

The Peruvian front man for this effort was a walk-in. He reached out to the IRGC's recruiter in Latin American, converted to Shia Islam, and was sent to Iran for training.

Edwar Quiroga Vargas (a/k/a Edwar Quiroga a/k/a Hossein Vargas a/k/a Yaku)

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