December 28, 2012

Twitter Parents Prevent Future Shootings By Punishing Children Now

Liberal parents publicly punish children for Sand Hook shooting.

As the nation debates gun policy following the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., some parents are imposing a different kind of gun control in their own homes: They are taking away their children’s toy guns. [...]

Though experts say that simply playing with a toy gun doesn’t mean a child will become violent, other families, too, were moved by tragedy to weed out their toy chests.

Somehow I suspect throwing beloved toys in the trash will only stoke those feelings of rage and helplessness that are bound to push some kids over the edge.

Shun Melson, who leaves plastic bags and exposed electrical outlets in
her young son's room, tweeted this picture of a strangely realistic-looking
toy gun in a Spiderman trash can. I smell a pulitzer.

School shootings are not a topic to ridicule. But ignorant, knee-jerk reactions are.

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