December 27, 2012

Abu Sayyaf Releases Hostage Video Via Facebook


MANILA, Philippines - On Wednesday, December 26, accounts on Facebook and YouTube posted and shared a video of Australian Warren Rodwell, kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf from his home in the southern Philippines a little more than a year ago.

In the newest video recorded Sunday, December 16, Rodwell looks noticeably thinner than the last proof-of-life video taped exactly 9 months ago on March 26.

Rodwell holds up a copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer from Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012. Wearing a black t-shirt, his hair is cropped short, his cheeks sunken. He speaks with a weary air.

“This video clip today is to say that I am alive,” Rodwell tells the camera. “I am waiting to be released. I have no idea what’s going on outside. I am just being held in isolation.”

The Philippine Islamic terrorist group Abu Sayyaf has been known to brutally murder hostages, usually by beheading.

We pray for Warren Rodwell's unconditional and immediate release.

A copy of the video is below the fold.

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