December 26, 2012

The Map Won't Publish (Updated)

A few days ago, a liberal New York news site published a map showing the names and exact location of all legal gun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties in New York. They claimed the Freedom of Information Act gave them the legal right and responsibility to post the sensitive information.

But here's one map a liberal rag would never publicize out of concerns for the privacy of those named - a sex offender registry:


Since the gun permit holders must go through a background check for approval, I think its safe to say none of the names on my map are the same as the names on's map.

So, which map would you prefer to have for your neighborhood? Which map do you think better serves and protects the public? Me, I'd rather have legal gun owners living next door than a sex offender.

If you don't live in New York, Family Watch Dog maps your area as well.

Update below the fold.

After a commenter mentioned possible overlap between the maps, I went back and checked a few more random points. I also selected random addresses from the gun permit map and input the information at Family Watch Dog. There were no matches.

Of course, this isn't a scientific sampling. But anyone reading can test a few addresses for themselves.

One interesting thing I found is that in some areas, where there were few registered gun permit holders, there were a number of sex offenders - and vice versa! I saved a couple of screenshots to illustrate. The gun permit map is on the right and the sex offender map is on the left (click to enlarge):



BTW, the maps were not altered in any way. You can check them yourself by locating the streets on either the sex offender map or the gun permit map linked above.

As you can see, there are seemingly few registered sex offenders where there are a number of registered gum permit holders, and few gun permit holders where there are a number of registered sex offenders.

Coincidence? Maybe. Probably. But I would much prefer a neighborhood filled with red dots than a neighborhood filled with offender squares. Just sayin'.

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